Protect your workforce with Greentech for better air

Air may be colorless, but it’s not always odorless. Lingering smells — like fish odor at a processing plant or dirty diapers in a daycare facility — can han gin the air, impacting worker safety and productivity while repelling guests and future workers. Worse, air can carry harmful contaminants without anyone noticing, such as germs, mold, dust, chemicals, spores, and other pollutants. Air carries airborne viruses, too, that can make us sick, including COVID and bacteria.

But now, there’s technology available to protect your workforce, removing odor, pollutants, contaminants, and pathogens. Greentech Environmental (Greentech) sells filters, filtration systems, and purifying equipment to reduce and remove odors as well as keep your workforce safer. And the Greentech team’s approach, including their dedication to research, provides many ways to prevent air from hurting your customers and employees.

About Greentech

Greentech, a leading air-purification company, was founded in 2009 in Johnson City, Tennessee. They have a variety of purifiers and accessories that are ideal for numerous industries, but they also have products for home use, too. 

Multiple ways to remove odors and pollutants

Greentech takes an innovative yet intuitive approach to air purification. Instead of focusing on a single technology, they have a multifaceted approach to air purification. Their products use advanced technologies that include treated filters, bipolar ionization, activated oxygen, and photocatalytic oxidation. 


One of their most innovative products is the ODOGard filter, which destroys odors at the molecular level. With a unique coating, ODOGard filters create a covalent bond with the odor molecules, essentially changing the molecular structure to eliminate the odor. This method of odor removal is entirely safe, creating an odor-free environment without the use of heavy masking scents.

Passionate about research

Greentech cares deeply about ensuring its products are effective, which is why its employees have rigorous testing standards, use outside testing agencies, and conduct so much scientific research. Employees want to make sure their products do exactly what they claim, even in the environment where their products are being used.

Read some of their studies.

Reducing bacteria, mold, and COVID in schools, medical facilities, hotels, and offices

When it comes to educational facilities (schools, daycares, etc.), medical facilities, hotels, and offices, you want a system that keeps your workforce and clients (students, patients, customers, or guests) safe. In all of these places, odor-free rooms also make them more inviting. Because let’s face it, the odors especially in daycares and schools can be less than desirable.

3000 MERV+ No Ozone – new to GreenTech

Greentech has portable as well as commercial solutions, including portables and wall mounts. The Active HEPA+ Pro, Active HEPA+ Room, pureAir 3000 MERV+ With Ozone, pureAir 3000 MERV+ No Ozone, 750+ Wall Mount, and SOLO. There’s also an HVAC option where odors and more are eliminated.

Together, the unique combination works to reduce airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs), allergens such as pollen and pet dander, and odors caused by mold, bacteria, and other pollutants. And the newest product, the Active HEPA+, has been proven to deactivate 99.98% of SARS-CoV-2 from the air.

Let your students, patients, customers, and guests breathe better.

Removing odors in the cannabis industry as well as particulates

Cannabis cultivation and harvesting can be smelly. Many states have or are introducing laws to reduce odor from permeating buildings, impacting neighborhoods. Removing that odor with Greentech is possible.

But it’s not just odors wafting in the air. Grinding leaves and processing the plants can lead to employee breathing issues. Forbes indicates in Massachusetts, a worker died from breathing cannabis dust.

Greentech filters are ideal for cannabis production, a process in which harmful chemicals and air contaminants can become a constant safety concern. According to Greentech, their filters control odors over a longer time and are proven to remove “almost 2.5 times the number of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than carbon filters, creating a cleaner environment for employees and neighbors.”

Breathe better air

Greentech has options to help you, your customers, and your employees breathe easier. If you’re not sure which product is right for you, Elevated Industrial Solutions can help. We have the background and information needed to get you the product or products that remove odors and eliminate bacteria, mold, allergens, and COVID.

Contact us today and we’ll make sure you have the right Greentech products for your exact needs.

OSI Quad Max stacks up against the competition

Elevated Industrial Solutions is proud to carry top suppliers, including OSI, as well as premier products, such as Quad Max. OSI has something to offer a variety of industries, including home construction, remodeling, window and door installation, and even modular or prefabricated building.

OSI stands out as a top supplier because they provide certification to ensure workers know how to use their products correctly and safely. They also partner with Elevated and our customers, recommending products and techniques.

Their ability to be a partner as well as provide innovative and trusted products makes OSI one of our favorites. Among their superior products, Quad Max stands out.

What is Quad Max?

osi quad max sealant

Quad Max is a high-quality silane-modified polymer sealant that’s used on various surfaces: wood, metal, brick, concrete, and vinyl. It works for siding, windows, doors, and even roofing. The sealant can be found at just about any construction site.


Quad Max has the following features:

  • 200+ colors that match more than 9,200 finishes
  • Clear option available that’s non-cloudy and remains transparent, resisting yellowing
  • Can be applied in temperature range of 0º F – 140ºF
  • Will not shrink as it cures
  • Resists damage from UV exposure
  • Does not collect dust and dirt
  • Fast 24-hour cure and paintable in 1 hour
  • Resistant to bubbling
  • GreenGuard® certified


We see a lot of sealants, but Quad Max is one of the best. Here are a few reasons why we think it’s so popular among construction professionals.

Adheres to just about anything

Quad Max has superior adhesion compared to other sealants. As noted above, this sealant adheres to a wide range of surfaces, including wood, metal, brick, concrete, and vinyl. It creates a long-lasting seal, too, that’s resistant to weathering and UV rays. It’s also waterproof, which is important everywhere, especially the Pacific Northwest where it rains nearly eight months of the year.


window and door installation

This sealant can withstand expansion and contraction caused by big temperature shifts as the Midwest often sees. This durability helps to prevent cracking and splitting, which can compromise the effectiveness of the sealant. It has five times the stretch and ± 50% joint movement, meeting performance requirements ASTM C 920: Type S, Grade NS, Class 50.

Despite being flexible, it doesn’t sag. That prevents dust, air, water, and contaminants from getting in through a gap.

And the fact that you can even apply the sealant in temperatures that range from 0º F – 140º F is great for construction across the U.S. year-round. The sealant can be applied during a cold winter Colorado day or in the middle of Houston’s summer.

Easy to use

OSI does have product training, protecting construction companies from liability that could happen after the home or building is completed and sold. But luckily, Quad Max is easy to apply thanks to its smooth consistency and workability. The caulking gun requires minimal preparation, making it a great choice for professionals. There are even different types of guns, including a larger one that enables faster application times for bigger jobs where more sealant is needed.


There’s versatility in how prevalent it is for various industries. Many industries use Quad Max as their sealant of choice, including windows, doors, siding, trim, and roofing businesses.

There’s also versatility in the colors of the product itself. It comes in a variety of colors, including clear, that match modern windows and doors. The clear sealant resists yellowing with UV exposure – great for places like Arizona. Plus, it comes in various sizes with product discounts for cases.

Even when moisture is present, the sealant can be applied as it has proven wet-surface application. Again, that’s good news for the Pacific Northwest; otherwise, construction would come to a halt for much of the year.

It also has a fast 24-hour cure that’s paintable within 1 hour. The relatively quick cure helps make your workers more productive to speed up production time while keeping your projects moving.

Elevated can help your construction-related business

Ready to see how OSI Quad Max can help your business? We can show you how easy it is to use on windows, doors, siding, and more. We can provide a range of color options available and make recommendations based on what you’re trying to match.

Elevated isn’t limited to Quad Max, we carry OSI’s Quad Foam, Quad Fire Block Foam, and Construction Adhesives (SF450, SF450+, F38, RT600, and QB300). And we go beyond OSI. Although we think the company has great products, those industrial supplies may not be right for you or your job. It’s why we carry a range of other products from suppliers known by the construction industry.

3M Xtract sanding system

At Elevated Industrial Solutions, we’re proud to offer the most effective, reliable tools, components, and accessories for a wide variety of industries. We offer leading brands, including 3M, which provides an innovative abrasive system – the Xtract TM sanding platform. 3M calls it “clean sanding.”

Why is that part of their tagline? This system provides superior dust extraction and clean sanding for a wide variety of applications, all while maintaining excellent performance from an effective orbital sander. 

Xtract creates cleaner work environments

The most impressive aspect of this sanding system is the ability to extract dust particles, removing them from the atmosphere while creating a cleaner, healthier work environment. Using an innovative system that places extraction holes near every single particle of dust, the sander pulls a staggering 99% of all dust, almost creating dust-free sanding. This means a cleaner work environment, less exposure to dust and fine particles, greater productivity, longer disc life, less cleaning, and fewer dust particles on the final product. This all improves the final results while making workers happier.

The system utilizes multiple features to create this impressive dust extraction. It uses a premium net disc that allows dust to pass through, while the unique hole pattern on the film disc allows dust to move from the environment into the sander with ease. No matter where a particle of dust is located, it will be near a hole for quick extraction.

The advanced extraction starts with an open-weave net structure, which ensures every particle is near a dust-extraction hole. As a user sands a material, almost all dust is sucked through the netting and into a fitted backup pad. Then it exists through the vacuum exhaust, where it can be deposited into a filter bag or dust extraction unit. 

It delivers the best dust extraction on the market, without requiring the user to line up holes in the sanding unit. All of these features result in faster implementation, less time cleaning, greater productivity, and (most importantly) a safer working environment for you and your team!

Xtract has advanced performance for multiple substrates 

Manufacturers of virtually all types can take advantage of the superior performance, cut rate, and dust extraction, as this system is designed for a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and composite.

The net discs from 3M perform well on multiple substrates, and they come in various grades to ensure superb performance no matter what your specific needs. There are coarser grades, which are ideal for tough surfaces, leveling filler and putty, or even the removal of stubborn coatings. People using this abrasive can also select finer grades, which can be used on final finishes or soft substrates like paint or wood.

A cut rate that sets a higher standard

3M provided this chart to demonstrate the cut rate for the Xtract

Before we continue it’s important to cover what cut rate is. Cut rate is the rate at which an abrasive removes material from a surface (wood, metal, etc.); the cut rate is sometimes called the material removal rate (MRR). Cut rates are influenced by particle size, with larger and coarser particles conventionally believed to exhibit faster material removal rates – or high cut rates. Regardless of dust extraction and performance versatility, if a sander can’t complete the job efficiently, it’s not much use, especially on a large industrial scale. The Xtract system delivers one of the best cut rates on the market. 

xtract disc

With a new line of abrasives from 3M, the system has a superior cut rate and a longer life. On a solid surface, the 710W features 3M’s proprietary Cubitron II precision-shaped abrasive grain. Cubitron II starts with a cut-rate that is 32% higher than the leading competitor. Not only does it start stronger, but this abrasive also finishes stronger.  Cubitron II features a grain that as it wears continually fractures into a sharp point, ending with a 25% higher cut rate through the life of the disc. This all results in better sanding, quicker work, and better productivity. These features make the 3M Xtract sanding system one of the best abrasives and one of the most important tools in your operation. 

Xtract features to improve sanding efficiency

Available in the 3M Xtract Electric Random Orbital Sander and the 3M Xtract Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander, this sanding system could add greater productivity and performance to your sanding operations. You can also add the portable dust extractor, filter bags, and a variety of sanding discs with a range of grit sizes.

Elevated can help your woodworking needs

We have recommendations for whatever your operation is, with expertise in abrasives and sanding. Our company has been helping people like you – in the industrial, manufacturing, and construction industry – for more than 60 years. (We can’t believe we started in the 50s.)

Contact Elevated to get a demo or order the 3M Xtract sanding system and other clean sanding solutions for your manufacturing facility.

Why and how to consolidate vendors

Manufacturing, construction, mill working, cabinetry, metal fabrication, and other industrial businesses need a variety of vendors to get products made and delivered – on-time and on-budget.  

vendor management process

But sometimes managing many different vendors can be inconvenient as well as hurt a company’s bottom line. There’s the vendor selection process, which can be cumbersome. Even after a new vendor is secured, they need to be entered into your systems and processes, including funneling into your accounting systems to ensure they get paid. Someone typically manages those relationships, aware of contract specifications. These same vendor managers know how to order goods from each vendor while working with the production managers on how often supplies are needed. Production and project managers are coordinating schedules to ensure products are created accurately and speedily. Then there’s storing and maintaining those goods, keeping on top of which products may expire.  

It’s no easy task. And the more vendors you manage, the more difficult everything involved in vendor management is.  

That’s why many businesses choose to consolidate vendors. Consolidating is easier than people think, has the benefit of convenience, can reduce costs, and even gain efficiencies that promote revenue growth. 

Why Consolidate Vendors 

If you find the right vendor, you can save time and money while making your workforce more productive.  

Convenience and time savings 

When you have fewer vendors to manage, the process is just simpler. That means fewer people to negotiate with, enter into your myriad systems, pay, order from, ensure accuracy of fulfillment, etc. In addition, when new employees join your company, there’s less to train on.  

The trick is ensuring there’s accuracy, speed, and variety from the vendors you have.  

Save money while gaining efficiencies  

When your employees are spending less time updating records and handling payments, onboarding suppliers, and managing those suppliers, you’re saving money. You’re also saving money through volume discounts and relationships. Often, the more you order from one vendor, the better pricing structures you can receive.  

These efficiencies mean more productivity for your team, especially with vendors who can manage stock (including safety stock). That means you’re not wasting time on doing the basics – your supplier is handling that process for you. In other words, some suppliers are like an extended part of your team – understanding your business and looking to help eliminate unnecessary costs.  

The right supplier can even recommend products and processes to save your company time and money.  

Manage the supply chain effectively to keep production moving 

These days, businesses are facing a big problem: supply chain. Weather issues, shipping issues, tariffs, production problems – these can all impact your business if companies can’t get the needed abrasives, adhesives, tapes, saw blades, and other equipment to you. Just looking at 2021, ice storms in Texas have prevented chemicals from being produced, including those used for adhesives and cleaning supplies. 

Wholesale distribution companies have many relationships with a variety of vendors to make up for shortfalls. For example, if they can’t get a product from one vendor, they’ll get it from another. That relationship management ensures you’re getting what you need so you can make and build on schedule, too with the same quality you’re known for. 

Keeping supply and demand, saving money, reducing time, and making it easy are the primary reasons so many midsized manufacturing and construction companies turn to industrial suppliers.  

How to Consolidate Vendors 

vendor consolidation

Consolidating vendors is easier than you may think, but it does take some planning and considerations. Here are a few questions to start asking to begin the consolidation process. Which vendors … 

  • Meet current guidelines and timelines? 
  • Provide great customer service? 
  • Have a variety of supplies available and can leverage relationships to get more supplies? 
  • Are giving price breaks for quantity or based on your existing relationship? 
  • Can help manage inventory, recommend products, and provide ideas about processes, saving your business time and money? 
  • Do you like doing business with? 
  • Can handle whatever expansion you have planned? 
  • Have expertise in your industry and the supplies you need? 
  • Help manage the supply chain? 

Some vendors get a “yes” to all the questions above. Those are the vendors to keep and possibly expand a relationship with.  

By deciding which vendors can help you the most (and which vendors you like doing business with), you can determine which vendors you want.  

Elevated can help you consolidate vendors 

At Elevated Industrial Solutions, formerly known as Lane Supply Company, we can help you with a variety of your needs. Not only do we carry manufacturing and construction specialty items, but we also leverage our relationships to get all the products your facility needs. We can help you manage your inventory and even manage your safety stock.  

There’s a reason we’ve been in business 60+ years.  

Safety stock and inventory management

You have a facility or warehouse where you keep items needed to run your business. It’s where you keep abrasives, adhesives, sealants, tools, and more. Imagine running out of those items, one that’s critical to what you make or build. Your business may grind to a halt, waiting until you can source that needed inventory.  

That’s the problem safety stock is meant to address. But safety stock alone won’t completely help your business. You need to successfully manage inventory to keep production going. 

What is safety stock? 

Safety stock is that extra group of supplies needed to prevent running out of products so you can continue to make and build things for customers. As Accounting Coach called it, it’s a buffer in case the sales of an item are greater than planned and/or the company’s supplier is unable to deliver additional units at the expected time. 

Advantages of safety stock 

Safety stock has its advantages. But the bottom line is – it enables you to handle supply and demand. When there’s more demand, you have enough of what you need to continue to satisfy customers.  

stock and streamlining supply chain

One real-life example in our industry is a manufacturing company that needed a specific filter for its spray booth. When that specific filter wasn’t available from one supplier, the company nearly stopped making products. After calling Elevated Industrial Solutions, formerly known as Lane Supply Company, filters arrived and their stock was replenished. 

Let’s use another example outside of industrial supplies – computers. There’s been a shortage. During COVID-19, everyone has been going online – students, employees, and individuals. Many computer stores and computer resellers didn’t have enough safety stock to supply computers to students at every school district in the U.S. They also didn’t have enough stock for everyone hoping to upgrade antiquated computer equipment. 

Disadvantages of safety stock 

When there’s not enough customer demand, products can languish in your inventory. Sometimes, better products or technology comes along too, making your current supplies unusable. New and improved discs, adhesives, safety gear, and more are released regularly.  

Although it’s helpful to have safety stock available, it can be costly and wasteful. It’s also difficult to keep up with and plan, especially if you’re not an enterprise-sized business. 

Suppliers can manage safety stock and inventory 

Someone else, such as a supplier like Elevated, managing your inventory takes care of many of the safety stock issues. In fact, it can help streamline your business. Using suppliers to manage your inventory and safety stock does the following:  

  • Depending on the supplier agreement, you can keep unneeded supplies off your books, paying for what you need when you need them – reducing costs and eliminating waste.  
  • Reduces liability if demand suddenly drops. If something does happen and supplies aren’t needed, it’s not your issue – it’s your supplier’s, such as Elevated. That saves you money. 
  • Enables you to receive recommendations for better products that save you time and money or improve the quality of your products. These recommendations could equal more revenue. 
  • Provides advanced notice of pricing changes or supply shortfalls so you can adjust your budgeting, manufacturing, and delivery promises. Suppliers, because of relationships, understand what’s happening so you’re never surprised. (Surprises in manufacturing can be expensive!) 
  • Saves money and time on personnel and warehouse space to maintain and control supplies you may not need for a while.  
  • Optimizes your facility or plant so you can focus on what you do best – making great products.  

A magical combination  

inventory management and safety stock

Safety stock and inventory management together are a magical combination. When suppliers help with both, you have a team handling vendor relationships, providing space, managing inventory, and ensuring you have the supplies you need … without paying for that entire team. Your supply chain is streamlined. Safety stock and inventory management, when put together, take the worry out of keeping your company and projects moving. Best of all, with that extra team behind you, you can compete like your company is larger than it is.  

Saving money, reducing waste, improving products, and increasing revenue are all good reasons to invest in suppliers that can handle your inventory.  

Trusting suppliers with many years in the business, a wide variety of products, and relationships that span the supply spectrum ensure you’re getting the right vendor.  

Finding the right supplier

There are traits that some vendors have that make them better than others. Here are just a few of the characteristics you should be looking for:

  • Provide expertise to save you time and money while improving the quality of your products or service
  • Have great customer service, taking the time to answer questions
  • Use a wide variety of vendors with fantastic relationships, where getting those specialty items is easy
  • Fast shipping to get what you need when you need it
  • Do the right thing for you and your company, caring about you and your business

Elevated is the right supplier

Elevated has been in business for more than half a century. We have employees who’ve been in the supply business for nearly as long, recommending products to save time and money. And we have established relationships with vendors who provide the supplies you love, including those specialty items, that save you time and money while improving your products.  

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