Foam abrasives 101 from Uneeda

Foam-based abrasives – otherwise known as sanding sponges or sanding blocks – have become a popular option for various sanding applications – and they make up some of our most popular products. However, with all the options available, it can be tough to know which will best meet your needs.

In this article, you’ll learn about Uneeda’s foam sponges, their advantages, their differences, and the various technical aspects that could help you choose your ideal solution. Of course, there is no perfect, one-size-fits-all product, so at the end of the day, optimizing your sanding process comes from a balance of knowing the technical aspects of your project needs and the abrasives, as well as some amount of trial and error to find what works best for you.

Foam density

In general, foam abrasives are made from two densities – referring to the “heaviness”/firmness or flexibility/softness of the foam. The two options are soft density, also known as “open-cell”, and hard density, or “closed-cell”.

One isn’t better than the other, rather they are used for different applications.


Ekadiamond sponge

Soft-density foam, as you might guess, is more flexible and “squishy.” Open-cell foam will easily fold, flex, and bounce back with no issue or permanent change. This is beneficial when sanding profiles and intricate shapes, such as on crown moldings or contours on cabinet doors, as well as edge sanding. You can manipulate soft-density foam to match any curve or contour you might need to, as the lightness allows the foam to recede and mold to any shape. Soft cell sponges are also great for rounded objects, such as chair or table legs, railings, or newel posts, as they can be wrapped around the workpiece. One issue that sometimes occurs with some soft-density sponges is “grain shed” – in which some of the abrasive grain comes off of the sponge due to the malleability of the foam. This can cause excess grain to be left behind on your surface, while also affecting the longevity of the tool. However, Uneeda’s Ekadiamond sponges, specifically, have been shown to have minimal to no grain shed, making them a high-quality option for this type of sanding. Additionally, because open-cell foam is so soft when sanding by hand, you need to be careful to use even pressure with each finger, to get an even and consistent finish. 


Uneesponge, 1-inch

Hard-density foam is made of a thicker foam substrate, which generally isn’t nearly as flexible as open-cell products. Due to the nature of foam, all sponge products have some level of “give”, however, because closed-cell products are much less pliable, they are more suited for flat surfaces, such as inner panels or rails and styles on shaker doors, rather than curved surfaces or profiles. They do have some flex and as such, they can also be used for edge sanding. The denser foam will generally give a better cut rate since the grain will not recede into the foam nearly as much. It will also allow for a lighter cut than conventional abrasives (sanding sheets or discs), since the foam will absorb any pressure from your fingers or vibrations (from a sander). A closed-cell foam block will allow for a consistent finish, even in hand sanding applications, because it will be thick enough to avoid uneven pressure from different fingers/awkward hand positions.

Sanding style

Uneeda’s abrasive sponges are available for two main types of sanding – hand sanding and orbital sander sanding.

Because sponges will offer a softer finish and lower cut rate than regular sandpaper, these products are typically used in finishing applications, such as preparing a piece for stain or paint, or between layers of coating to improve adherence.

Hand sanding

Abrasive sponges are some of the most popular and effective tools for hand sanding (sanding without the use of an orbital or other power sander) applications. While sanding by hand can be tedious, sometimes it is just what is needed to get the best finish. This is especially true for pieces with complex profiles or carvings, which may be too delicate for a sander. In this case, a hand sponge or a sanding block with foam interface pad and traditional coated abrasives could be a great option to get the finish you want. Another benefit to sanding by hand is that it can be more cost-effective than owning and maintaining power sanders – which would be a benefit for lower-volume shops or hobbyists.

Orbital sander

In addition to hand sanding sponges, Uneeda offers various coated foam abrasives as well as foam accessories for the orbital sander. Using a power sander, like the Ekasand Electric or Pneumatic Orbital Sanders, with foam products is a great option to speed up the sanding process in high-volume shops that produce a lot of cabinet doors or other products with curved profiles. You’ll get smooth and consistent results as well as a great finish. Sometimes using an orbital sander can produce swirl marks, especially a 3×4 sander that doesn’t use a random orbit pattern. However, using a foam interface pad with a conventional disc or sheet abrasive, helps to reduce the vibration, allowing the sander to glide more smoothly across the work surface and minimizing the likelihood of swirls. When done correctly, using coated foam abrasives on a sander creates a better, more consistent finish. Plus, it’s much faster than hand sanding.

Uneeda’s foam abrasives

Uneeda offers a variety of sanding sponges for both types of sanding – by hand and using a sander.

AbrasiveDensitySandin style and advantages
Uneesponge HardHand sanding abrasive, ideal for flat surfaces and edges, especially for cleaning wood, metal, plaster, plastic, and fiberglass
EkadiamondSoft Hand sponge that’s colorful and creates a diamond pattern
Filmtek, EkastormSoft Hand sanding block that provides consistent pressure
Ekasilk PlusDepends on sizePower sander abrasive with various options, great for stripping, prepping, and finishing as well as for the distressed look
Interference PadsSoft Power sander abrasive block with hook and loop on both sides

Elevated sanding options

At Elevated Industrial Solutions, we have a variety of abrasives for every job. Uneeda has unique options, and the Ekasilk is admittedly one of our favorites, but we also carry other abrasives, including options from 3M, Arc, Mirka, Hermes, United Abrasives/Sait, Sia, and VSM. Let us help you get the right product for your sanding jobs.

We also go beyond abrasives and products. Our goal is to be the catalyst for your business to grow. We’ll help you look for efficiencies and to be more effective in your processes.

Comparing Alpha’s PSP-158 polisher to the competition

Alpha Professional Tools, one of the leading manufacturers of natural and engineered stone tools, proudly announced the release of its next-generation polisher: PSP-158 high-performance polisher. This polisher comes loaded with features that create superior results, better efficiencies, and a safer working environment. 

If you work with stone products, including countertop manufacturing or installation, check out the PSP-158 features and why it’s one of the most versatile, effective, reliable stone polishing tools to ever hit the market. 

About the PSP-158 High-Performance Polisher

The PSP-158 provides a high level of power and precision. This innovative polisher comes with numerous features and a variety of accessories that make using the tool convenient and efficient. Here are just a few of the features Alpha lists:

  • High-performance pneumatic polisher
  • Powerful motor
  • 30′ kink-free twin-air/water hose
  • All-weather hoses with flexibility down to -40°F or +140°F (-40°C or +60°C)
  • Quarter-turn switches for precise control
  • Central water-feed system to deliver ample water (regardless of position)
  • No-load RPM- 5,500
  • Comes in a reusable toolbox, great for carrying your equipment to jobs
  • Silicon gearhead to cushion and warm hands
  • One-year warranty; read more

Lightweight and flexible, potentially preventing silica dust

Alpha specializes in ergonomically designed, lightweight tools. Users love the cushion and hand warmer at the same time.  

Proper water distribution is critical when working with natural and artificial stone products, as it helps control dust and reduce exposure to harmful contaminants, including silica. With complete control of water, workers experience far less exposure to stone dust which can cause a variety of health issues. With the PSP-158, your team can maintain efficiency while thoroughly controlling dust to create a safe working environment. The tool uses a central feed system that delivers enough water to the workspace, even when the tool is being used in an awkward position. 

Alpha has included a variety of accessories that come with the polisher. Included in the package are all-weather hoses that maintain flexibility down to -40 and as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Built to last

This tool is also built to last. Alpha has included a variety of features that help maintain the tool throughout its working lifetime. For example, the tool includes a 3.4 oz. bottle of rust inhibitor oil to prevent rust and costly repairs.

Powerful and saves you time

The PSP-158 has a spindle lock — a key feature that will save money by speeding up production. It enables fabricators and installers to spend more time polishing and less time looking for wrenches to change out their backers or core bits.


Our Colorado Alpha representative, Alexander Makin, used to be a fabricator. He swears that it’s “quieter than most polishers on the market.” Not only does it reduce noise pollution for your workforce, you can have a real conversation about four feet away. As most fabricators and installers know, that’s a big deal.

Comparing the PSP-158 to other polishers 

No handle design

The PSP-158 uses a no-handle design to create greater maneuverability and control for operators. This helps increase efficiency and makes the polishing tool useful in a variety of applications, including unique angles and workpieces with different shapes. Much of the competition uses C-handle or D-handle designs. 

Oil port for maintenance

The PSP-158 has an oil port for maintenance, while many similar tools do not. While products from Diamax have an auto-lube injection, similar products from Pearl, Gison, Flex, Weha, and Hercules do not. 

A long list of exclusive features 

This tool has many features not found in other products, as well as features that are rare for similar tools. For example, the PSP-158 has a quick connector with a valve, hose, and storage toolbox. Many comparable tools do not have these features or accessories.

Silicon gear head cover included

Another feature that enhances the quality of the PSP-158 is the silicon cover, which protects the gearhead and provides greater longevity. This is the only tool in its category of competitors that provides a silicon gearhead cover. 

toolbox and parts for the psp-158

All these features with same air pressure

Perhaps you assume that the RPMs would become slower for the PSP-158 at 90 PSI. This assumption is false! The tool maintains a no-load at 5,500 RPMs, with the same air pressure provided by comparable tools from Samurai, Flex, Weha, and all other tools in its class. 

Best horsepower

Compared to similar products, the Alpha PSP-158 provides the best horsepower. Other products, when the data is provided, are around .32 to .52 hp, while the Alpha PSP-158 high-performance polisher provides .7 hp.  

Lighter than many products

While the PSP-158 is not the lightest tool on the market, compared to similar products it’s lighter or only slightly heavier. The PSP-158 has a listed weight of 3.0 pounds. That means it’s easy to handle, even for those big polishing jobs. Many other products weigh as much as a full pound more than the PSP-158. 

A full-year warranty

When you spend hundreds of dollars on a single tool, you need to know that it will meet your expectations and last long enough to justify the price. Alpha is demonstrating unsurpassed confidence in the PSP-158 by providing a one-year warranty with certain limitations; read about those limitations. While Flex also provides a one-year warranty, and Weha provides a 360-day warranty, similar tools have warranties of only 90, 60, or 30 days.

Plus, Alpha has a repair facility where you can send your tools even after that year is over. 

What does the PSP-158 need to run efficiently?

You must have the right PSI and CFM to run this tool effectively. Air pressure is 90 PSI and the air consumption needed is 21 CFM. If you’re in SE Michigan, western Ohio, or South Carolina, our team can work with your facility manager to ensure you have the proper airflow.

Compare the PSP-158 to other polishers

See how the PSP-158 stacks up against the competition yourself: polishing-tool comparison chart. Watch out, it might just blow you away. 

Contact us about the PSP-158 or other countertop gear

At Elevated, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for everything you need to fabricate and install countertops and cabinets. Adhesives, caulks, polishing tools, and more — we have the solutions you need to work more efficiently and effectively.

What are hook and loop as well as reclosable fasteners?

Hook and loop fasteners as well as reclosable fasteners secure things. Haven’t heard of this technology? You probably have! You may know this fastener style by a brand name: Velcro. Like “Kleenex” many people confuse tissues and Kleenex. (Hand me a Kleenex!) In the same way, people also use Velco and hook and loop or reclosable fasteners interchangeably.

The history of Velcro

hook and loop fasteners

The Smithsonian indicates a Swiss engineer named George de Mastral was walking with his dog when he noticed burrs were stuck in his clothing and to his pup. Intrigued by how the burrs clung to fabrics and hair, he examined them under a microscope. To his surprise, they had tiny hooks that attached themselves to loops in the fabric of his clothes. Inspired, he thought they had practical uses in manufacturing and decided to create them himself.

After years of experimentation and development, de Mestral patented his invention in 1955, and called it “Velcro” (a combination of the French words for velvet and crochet). The Velcro fastening system quickly gained popularity and found a wide range of applications in various industries.

Since that time, other companies have created their own version of “Velcro.” However, the brand name is owned by Velcro IP Holdings LLC and trades as Velcro Companies, a privately held company in the UK.

Why are hook and loop as well as recloseable fasteners used?

According to 3M, one of the leading suppliers of this technology, hook and loop and reclosable fasteners are great for people who need closure to go on easily but securely, be conformable to your part shape, and stay closed until you’re ready for it to easily peel open. Here are just a few reasons people choose hook and loop fasteners for their projects.

  1. Ease to use. Hook and loop fasteners are simple to use. They consist of two components: tiny hooks and small loops. Pushing the two components together creates a secure and temporary bond, and pulling them apart releases it. This simplicity makes them accessible to people of all ages and abilities. It’s why they’re used on medical devices, such as leg braces.
  2. Reusability. Hook and loop fasteners are designed for multiple uses. They can be opened and closed repeatedly without impacting the effectiveness of the hold. This reusability makes them ideal for applications where you need to attach and detach items frequently.
  3. No other tools are required saving time and resources. Unlike traditional fasteners such as screws, nails, tapes, or adhesives, hook and loop fasteners don’t require hardware for installation. This saves time and eliminates the need for drilling holes or using adhesives that can damage surfaces.
  4. Versatility. Hook and loop fasteners are available in various sizes, strengths, and colors, making them versatile for different applications. Industries such as clothing, footwear, automotive, aerospace, and healthcare all use hook and loop.
  5. Safety. In some applications, particularly in child and medical products, hook and loop fasteners are preferred because they eliminate the risk of sharp edges or protruding parts. That reduces the likelihood of injuries and ensures children and medical products are safe.
  6. Temperature and chemical resistance. Depending on the specific type and brand, hook and loop fasteners can be resistant to various environmental factors, including temperature extremes and chemicals.

Who uses them?

Everyone. No doubt, you’ve used hook and loop or reclosable fasteners in your personal life. As noted above, many industries from aerospace to healthcare to textiles use hook-and-loop technology as well as recloseable fasteners. And they’re used on products from purses and shoes to transportation seating and signage.

Types and brands

There are varying types of hook and loop as well as recloseable fasteners from a number of suppliers. Here are just a few of our favorites by the trait.

For strength, 3M has Dual Lock (see right), which provides more strength than other brands. 3M uses “mushroom heads” for what they indicate is “5x the tensile strength of hook and loop fasteners.” It also mates to itself, so you don’t have to worry about which side you’re using for your project. Despite how well it holds, this technology can still be pulled apart without hardware. These come in a variety of colors and sizes.

3M also provides Scotchmate Hook and Loop, which is strong but can be sewn into textiles or uses adhesives to secure it to surfaces.

There are flame-resistant (with or without adhesive) options, including the SJ3419FR (Hook) and SJ3418FR (Loop). There are even high-performance choices that hold up under extreme conditions, such as SJ3572 (Hook) and SJ3571 (Loop).

For just about any need, there’s a fastener you can use!

Elevated can help with hook and loop fasteners

As with most projects, hook and loop fasteners may not be right for you. Of course, your project’s purpose and goals weigh into whether you use them and which type you use. Elevated carries a wide array to meet the needs of your project. We have industrial solutions specialists who can help you decide if it’s right for your company, and which brand and option to get.

Protect your workforce with Greentech for better air

Air may be colorless, but it’s not always odorless. Lingering smells — like fish odor at a processing plant or dirty diapers in a daycare facility — can han gin the air, impacting worker safety and productivity while repelling guests and future workers. Worse, air can carry harmful contaminants without anyone noticing, such as germs, mold, dust, chemicals, spores, and other pollutants. Air carries airborne viruses, too, that can make us sick, including COVID and bacteria.

But now, there’s technology available to protect your workforce, removing odor, pollutants, contaminants, and pathogens. Greentech Environmental (Greentech) sells filters, filtration systems, and purifying equipment to reduce and remove odors as well as keep your workforce safer. And the Greentech team’s approach, including their dedication to research, provides many ways to prevent air from hurting your customers and employees.

About Greentech

Greentech, a leading air-purification company, was founded in 2009 in Johnson City, Tennessee. They have a variety of purifiers and accessories that are ideal for numerous industries, but they also have products for home use, too. 

Multiple ways to remove odors and pollutants

Greentech takes an innovative yet intuitive approach to air purification. Instead of focusing on a single technology, they have a multifaceted approach to air purification. Their products use advanced technologies that include treated filters, bipolar ionization, activated oxygen, and photocatalytic oxidation. 


One of their most innovative products is the ODOGard filter, which destroys odors at the molecular level. With a unique coating, ODOGard filters create a covalent bond with the odor molecules, essentially changing the molecular structure to eliminate the odor. This method of odor removal is entirely safe, creating an odor-free environment without the use of heavy masking scents.

Passionate about research

Greentech cares deeply about ensuring its products are effective, which is why its employees have rigorous testing standards, use outside testing agencies, and conduct so much scientific research. Employees want to make sure their products do exactly what they claim, even in the environment where their products are being used.

Read some of their studies.

Reducing bacteria, mold, and COVID in schools, medical facilities, hotels, and offices

When it comes to educational facilities (schools, daycares, etc.), medical facilities, hotels, and offices, you want a system that keeps your workforce and clients (students, patients, customers, or guests) safe. In all of these places, odor-free rooms also make them more inviting. Because let’s face it, the odors especially in daycares and schools can be less than desirable.

3000 MERV+ No Ozone – new to GreenTech

Greentech has portable as well as commercial solutions, including portables and wall mounts. The Active HEPA+ Pro, Active HEPA+ Room, pureAir 3000 MERV+ With Ozone, pureAir 3000 MERV+ No Ozone, 750+ Wall Mount, and SOLO. There’s also an HVAC option where odors and more are eliminated.

Together, the unique combination works to reduce airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs), allergens such as pollen and pet dander, and odors caused by mold, bacteria, and other pollutants. And the newest product, the Active HEPA+, has been proven to deactivate 99.98% of SARS-CoV-2 from the air.

Let your students, patients, customers, and guests breathe better.

Removing odors in the cannabis industry as well as particulates

Cannabis cultivation and harvesting can be smelly. Many states have or are introducing laws to reduce odor from permeating buildings, impacting neighborhoods. Removing that odor with Greentech is possible.

But it’s not just odors wafting in the air. Grinding leaves and processing the plants can lead to employee breathing issues. Forbes indicates in Massachusetts, a worker died from breathing cannabis dust.

Greentech filters are ideal for cannabis production, a process in which harmful chemicals and air contaminants can become a constant safety concern. According to Greentech, their filters control odors over a longer time and are proven to remove “almost 2.5 times the number of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than carbon filters, creating a cleaner environment for employees and neighbors.”

Breathe better air

Greentech has options to help you, your customers, and your employees breathe easier. If you’re not sure which product is right for you, Elevated Industrial Solutions can help. We have the background and information needed to get you the product or products that remove odors and eliminate bacteria, mold, allergens, and COVID.

Contact us today and we’ll make sure you have the right Greentech products for your exact needs.

OSI Quad Max stacks up against the competition

Elevated Industrial Solutions is proud to carry top suppliers, including OSI, as well as premier products, such as Quad Max. OSI has something to offer a variety of industries, including home construction, remodeling, window and door installation, and even modular or prefabricated building.

OSI stands out as a top supplier because they provide certification to ensure workers know how to use their products correctly and safely. They also partner with Elevated and our customers, recommending products and techniques.

Their ability to be a partner as well as provide innovative and trusted products makes OSI one of our favorites. Among their superior products, Quad Max stands out.

What is Quad Max?

osi quad max sealant

Quad Max is a high-quality silane-modified polymer sealant that’s used on various surfaces: wood, metal, brick, concrete, and vinyl. It works for siding, windows, doors, and even roofing. The sealant can be found at just about any construction site.


Quad Max has the following features:

  • 200+ colors that match more than 9,200 finishes
  • Clear option available that’s non-cloudy and remains transparent, resisting yellowing
  • Can be applied in temperature range of 0º F – 140ºF
  • Will not shrink as it cures
  • Resists damage from UV exposure
  • Does not collect dust and dirt
  • Fast 24-hour cure and paintable in 1 hour
  • Resistant to bubbling
  • GreenGuard® certified


We see a lot of sealants, but Quad Max is one of the best. Here are a few reasons why we think it’s so popular among construction professionals.

Adheres to just about anything

Quad Max has superior adhesion compared to other sealants. As noted above, this sealant adheres to a wide range of surfaces, including wood, metal, brick, concrete, and vinyl. It creates a long-lasting seal, too, that’s resistant to weathering and UV rays. It’s also waterproof, which is important everywhere, especially the Pacific Northwest where it rains nearly eight months of the year.


window and door installation

This sealant can withstand expansion and contraction caused by big temperature shifts as the Midwest often sees. This durability helps to prevent cracking and splitting, which can compromise the effectiveness of the sealant. It has five times the stretch and ± 50% joint movement, meeting performance requirements ASTM C 920: Type S, Grade NS, Class 50.

Despite being flexible, it doesn’t sag. That prevents dust, air, water, and contaminants from getting in through a gap.

And the fact that you can even apply the sealant in temperatures that range from 0º F – 140º F is great for construction across the U.S. year-round. The sealant can be applied during a cold winter Colorado day or in the middle of Houston’s summer.

Easy to use

OSI does have product training, protecting construction companies from liability that could happen after the home or building is completed and sold. But luckily, Quad Max is easy to apply thanks to its smooth consistency and workability. The caulking gun requires minimal preparation, making it a great choice for professionals. There are even different types of guns, including a larger one that enables faster application times for bigger jobs where more sealant is needed.


There’s versatility in how prevalent it is for various industries. Many industries use Quad Max as their sealant of choice, including windows, doors, siding, trim, and roofing businesses.

There’s also versatility in the colors of the product itself. It comes in a variety of colors, including clear, that match modern windows and doors. The clear sealant resists yellowing with UV exposure – great for places like Arizona. Plus, it comes in various sizes with product discounts for cases.

Even when moisture is present, the sealant can be applied as it has proven wet-surface application. Again, that’s good news for the Pacific Northwest; otherwise, construction would come to a halt for much of the year.

It also has a fast 24-hour cure that’s paintable within 1 hour. The relatively quick cure helps make your workers more productive to speed up production time while keeping your projects moving.

Elevated can help your construction-related business

Ready to see how OSI Quad Max can help your business? We can show you how easy it is to use on windows, doors, siding, and more. We can provide a range of color options available and make recommendations based on what you’re trying to match.

Elevated isn’t limited to Quad Max, we carry OSI’s Quad Foam, Quad Fire Block Foam, and Construction Adhesives (SF450, SF450+, F38, RT600, and QB300). And we go beyond OSI. Although we think the company has great products, those industrial supplies may not be right for you or your job. It’s why we carry a range of other products from suppliers known by the construction industry.

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