Tapes and reclosable fasteners

Whatever you’re bonding, labeling, or protecting, we can help. Partner with Elevated Industrial Solutions, formerly Lane Supply Company, to resolve your sticky situations.

Stick with us

We have the tapes you need — masking, bonding, duct, electrical, packaging, surface protection, and mounting. We also have reclosable fasteners. Our supplies are the best brands for every tape application.

Tapes to adhere to

The right tapes can hold like the strongest glue. We’ll partner with you to ensure you have the best options to keeping things you want stuck together and the stuff you want to be reclosable to adhere only when you want them to. Our job is to save your business time and money.
  • Masking tapes
  • Protective tapes
  • Packaging tapes
  • Adhesive transfer tapes
  • Bonding tapes, such as VHB Tape TM by 3M
  • Commercial vehicle tapes
  • Hook and loop reclosable fasteners, such as Dual Lock


Elevated has tapes to mask, protect, bond, pack, and more. Here are just a few of our favorites by type.
101 value masking  tape from 3m

Masking Tape

3M 101+
  • Cost effective
  • Tears easily
3m uv resistant green masking tape

Masking Tape

3M UV Resistant Green
  • Reliably UV resistant
  • Clean removal – won’t leave residue on most surfaces
  • Secure
3m polyester tape 8992

Masking Tape

3M Polyester Tape 8992
  • High thermal resistance
  • Tidy removal
  • High chemical resistance
protective tape by berry

Protective Tape

Berry Global Patco 8210
  • Non-yellowing
  • Printable and paintable
  • Won’t dry out, lift, or stain
1100 packaging tape from ipg

Packaging Tape

ipg 1100
  • Reliably and consistently seals
  • Perfect for heavy, overstuffed boxes
  • Works well with recycled cartons
transfer tape from 3M

Adhesive Transfer Tape

3M 9472LE
  • Excellent bond to low surface energy substrates (powder coating)
  • Adheres well to metals
rp+ vhb tape from 3M

VHB Tape

3M RP+ Family
3M’s proprietary VHB is known as innovative and strong-bonding (replacing welding for vehicles and signs). We offer a variety of widths and strengths for an array of industries.

Hook and loop fasteners

There’s one product that is the gold standard in hook and loop: Dual Lock by 3M.

Premier tapes and reclosable fasteners brands

We offer every tape option while carrying the best brands, known for quality and reliability. Our experts will recommend the best product and brand for your goals.
  • 3m
  • ipg
  • berry

Specialty tapes

Tapes for high heat, reliability under extreme cold, able to handle coresive materials, and more — our specialty tapes are perfect for aerospace, defense, commercial, and other heavily regulated industries.

and expert advice

We have industrial-strength advice about air compressors, coating and finishing systems, and industrial supplies to help your business.
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