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Elevated Industrial Solutions, formerly Lane Supply Company, is proud to sell Alpha Professional Tools (Alpha) — known in the industry for quality.
air-830 and air-850
We’re a preferred vendor. Why? We carry all Alpha’s top countertop tool lines and partner with our customers. Plus, we offer product variety and solutions outside of just tapes, glues, and tools. We also have expertise in the countertop fabrication and installation businesses.

    Alpha keeps your jobs moving
    4,000; 5,500
    2″ – 5″
    discs to get in tight spaces when you need it
    200 – 3000
    grit sequence with one less step and same high quality
    Days to ship to most locations
    Years of helping businesses like yours
    Why Alpha Tools for countertops?

    Alpha Professional Tools® was founded in 1986 and has become a leading manufacturer of quality tools for professionals in the natural/engineered stone, porcelain, ceramic, glass, construction and hardscape industries. Alpha® provides the best products for cutting, drilling, shaping and polishing all types of materials.

    In addition to providing the best products in the industry, Alpha offers a variety of services to support their products.

    Alpha polishing options
    Get the right high-performance pneumatic polishers for your countertop fabrication and installation business. It’s all about lightweight, comfortable tools that are easily manueverable. Plus, get the polishing pads (wet and dry) to get the right look faster.
    psp polisher pneumatic


    The PSP-158 is brand new. It’s a pneumatic polisher that’s the next generation for Alpha. So far, reviews are great.

    • High-performance industrial pneumatic polisher
    • Powerful new motor for demanding applications
    • Comes with a 30′ kink-free hose
    • One year tool waranty
    air-830 polisher


    • 4,000 RPM
    • Best quality results


    • 5,500 RPM
    • Best productivity
    • Redesigned and improved from the AIR-830
    ceramica ex polishing pads - dry and wet

    Ceramica EX

    • Polishes just about every surface there is including: Dekton®, granite, marble, terrazzo, engineered stone, porcelain, and quartz surfaces
    • Various grits: 200 yellow, 500 red, 1000 dark green, 2000 light green, 3000 brown
    • Available in 2″ (for tight spaces), 3”, 4” and 5” size discs
    Accessories for the AIR-830 and AIR-850

    With Alpha, you get more with your polishers. It even comes with a one-year warranty.

    • Air lead hose, 15 ft.
    • Water hose, 15 ft.
    • Side handle (reversible)
    • Rust inhibitor oil (1 oz)
    • Screw (with o-ring seal for oil port)
    • Exhaust hose with clamp
    • Spring washer
    • Splash guard
    • Double end wrench (19 mm, 22 mm)
    • Phillips screwdriver
    • Water quick coupler with shut-off valve
    • O-ring (o-ring for water valve repair)
    Comparing polishers

    Alpha provides a fantastic comparison chart to help you decide which polisher is right for you.

    Protect against silica dust

    OSHA is working with companies to protect their workforce from inhaling cancer-causing silica dust. Alpha has products that help in that protection. The wet/dry vacuum and system kits work together for maximum safety.

    HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum

    This innovative product is virtually dust-free for maximum health protection. It has a canister volume of 9.3 or 13.2 gallons.

    • Locking brakes
    • Visual and acoustic warning signals
    • Lockable connection nozzle
    • Patented HEPA 13-cartridge filter with 2 independent filter chambers
    • Foldable bar that moves vacuum easily

    Dust Free System Kits

    These dust-free systems provide a variety of parts used to protect your workforce, including applications for polishing and grinding:

    • HEPA 1035 Dry sanding and polishing kit
    • HEPA 1035 Pull-to-cut dust shroud kit
    • HEPA 1035 Wet/dry core drilling kit
    • ECOGUARD CX5 Kit
    • BAB3GRD
    • ECOGUARD W9 Kit
    • ECOGUARD G7 Kit

    Ceramica EX polishing pads available separately from the AIR-830 and AIR-850 (Alpha’s polishing tools). HEPA wet/dry vacuum and dust-free collection systems are also sold separately. With nationwide warehouses, shipping should take only two days. Contact us for pricing.

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