Woodwork, millwork, and cabinetry

Millworkers, woodworkers, and cabinet makers produce high-quality products. We provide superior brands so you can keep your projects top-drawer.

Catering to custom woodworkers

Woodworkers, millworkers, and custom cabinet makers need the right products to create and deliver beautiful wood furniture, cabinets, and more to meet customer demands. We’re your partner to get you the solutions to make your business more efficient and effective. And that goes beyond just products.

Industrial woodwork supplies

Woodworkers, millworkers, and custom cabinet makers need the right products to create and deliver beautiful wood furniture, cabinets (in a variety of styles), and more to meet customer demands. Elevated Industrial Solutions, formerly Lane Supply Company, is here to be your partner.


We offer products that extend the life of your abrasives while providing a quality finish.

  • Wide belts
  • Orbital discs
  • Edge sanding
  • Sealer sanding
  • Sponges


3M, Uneeda, VSM

adhesives and glues


We offer a wide variety of high-performance adhesives and wood glues for woodworking assembly.

  • Assembly glues
  • Hot melts
  • Instant adhesives
  • Edge banding glues
  • PURs


3M, Loctite, Titebond, Kleiberit



We offer a wide variety of life-extending tools with high durability that are ergonomic.

  • Detail sanding tools
  • Orbital sanders
  • Rotary sanders
  • Sealer sanding systems


Dynabrade, 3M, Gem

safety supplies

Safety & Facilities

The additional tools you need from paint sprayers, air compressors, cleaning products, and more.

  • Paint and spray equipment
  • Industrial wipes
  • Masking tapes
  • Eye and hearing protection
  • Gloves


3M, Kimberly-Clark

Services for millwork

Services for millwork

If you’re working with wood, we can help you make your business more efficient. We can improve your processes, recommend products, train your staff, help with paint efficiency, and more.

Equipment for coating and finishing

We carry the premier brands that enable you to paint anything faster and easier. You’ll even get better quality while using less paint.
millwork and woodwork

Liquid Systems

Choose from an assortment of spray equipment to finish and coat your wood products.

  • HVLP (compressed air and turbine air)
  • LVLP
  • Reduced pressure
  • Conventional air spray
  • Air-assist airless
  • Airless
spray booth

Spray Booths

Booth options to ensure you’re finishing and coating your products perfectly.

  • Cross-draft booths
  • Open-face booths
  • Down-draft booths
  • Side downdraft
  • Benches
packaging and boxing

Filters & Accessories

The additional tools you need to keep your woodworking business going.

  • Filters – intake and exhaust
  • Cups
  • Screens
  • Repair kits
  • Cleaning needles
  • Lights
  • Manometers

Assembly tools, service, and calibration

We offer assembly tools, service, and calibration for improved productivity and increased safety for your customers. Our lab is A2LA (1522.01) certified. If you’re in the Detroit area, we can even pick up and deliver your tools.

Compressed air solutions for mills

If you’re in Ohio, South Carolina, or Michigan, we have compressed air system solutions as well as a wealth of services — audits, analysis, maintenance (including preventive maintenance), emergency compressor repairs, and turnkey installations.

Quality brands for millwork

We have premier brands for cabinet makers, furniture creators, and carpenters that work just as hard as you do.
  • 3m
  • uneeda
  • dynabrade
  • loctite
  • gem
  • kimberly clark
  • kaeser compressors

Shops that handle

If you’re a cabinet shop that is also installing or making countertops, we have products for you, too.
and expert advice
We have industrial-strength advice about air compressors, coating and finishing systems, and industrial supplies to help your business.

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