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SAS Safety Corp. is known for protecting workforces in the manufacturing, industrial, and construction industries. We’re proud to offer these safety products.

We provide a range of safety products from a variety of brands, but one of our favorites is SAS Safety Corp. Our customers especially like the gloves.

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    Why SAS and what is it?

    SAS Safety Corp. is dedicated to protecting every company’s most valuable resource: people.

    Established in 1982 in Long Beach, CA, the company has grown its products throughout the years to provide a complete line of head-to-toe personal protective equipment for multi-markets — hand / body protection (such as gloves and protective apparel), eye and ear protection, respiratory protection, hi-viz clothing, first aid, and much more.

    SAS is an ISO 9001 Certified company, delivering high performance quality products and commitment to your safety is its top priority.

    sas safety
    SAS best buys
    Protecting apparel, masks, respirators, safety glasses, and more are what SAS excels at. Let Elevated help you get the best gear to keep your workforce safe.
    raven powder free gloves

    Raven Gloves

    Raven® Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Grade Disposable Gloves – 7 Mil

    • Outstanding strength, wear and dexterity
    • Powder-free exam grade nitrile
    • Single use only
    • Textured for enhanced gripping power
    • Thickness: 7 mil

    astro grip

    Astro Grip Gloves

    Astro-Grip Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Grade Disposable Gloves – 7 Mil

    • Powder-free exam grade nitrile
    • Thickness: 7 mil
    • Great for gripping, especially when handling liquids
    • High-visibility orange color
    • Exceptional chemical and puncture resistance
    • Maximum comfort allows for extended wear
    • Non-latex
    • Single use only
    derma pro gloves

    Derma-Pro Gloves

    Derma-Pro® Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Grade Disposable Gloves – 4.5 Mil

    Made from component materials which comply with FDA regulations for food contact 21 CFR 170-199

    • Non-latex
    • Powder-free exam grade nitrile
    • Provides comfort fit and durable wear
    • Single use only
    • Superior strength and puncture resistance

    High Visibility Apparel

    Help your workforce stand out. SAS has jackets, vests, t-shirts, and more.

    Protective Eyewear

    When it comes to eye protection, SAS Safety has options: safety glasses, sunglasses, and face shields are all available in a variety of options (lenses, scratch-resistancy, etc.).

    Coveralls and Respirators

    Head-to-toe safety gear to protect your workers from breathing or wearing chemicals, including paint. SAS Safety has half-masks, hand protection, coveralls, respirators, and more.

    See all the SAS products

    SAS Safety Corp. carries a variety of safety supplies and gear to protect your workers. Look through the catalog to get more information. We offer it all: high-visibility clothing, head and face protection, ear and eye protection, respirators and masks, protective apparel, eye wash stations, first aid, and spill control.


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