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We’re rebranded from Lane Supply Company, Palmetto Compressors, and Compressed Air Technologies to Elevated Industrial Solutions.
We’re your
industrial partners

If you’re building and making anything, we want to be there, partnering with your company and employees to improve your business. We do that by actively listening and thoroughly understanding your business goals.

Our solutions go beyond products and services, we recommend creative ideas using our expertise to improve quality, reduce costs, and save time. We want to help your business run more effectively and efficiently.

It’s why we’re the catalyst for helping American companies and people grow.

We’re nationwide, offering premium industrial supplies and coating and finishing systems. In South Carolina and the Dayton and Cincinnati areas, we also offer the gold standard in compressed air systems — Kaeser compressors.

palmetto compressors


  • Other

    Other supplies Elevated Industrial Solutions, formerly Lane Supply Company, can’t list all our industrial supplies. There are just too many! Contact Us So many supplies we can’t list them all We’re not a catalog. We can’t list all the industria…
  • Saw Blades

    Saw blades At Elevated Industrial Solutions, formerly Lane Supply Company, we have saw blades that cut just about any material. Our blades are tough — perfect for any situation, including manufacturing, industrial, and construction uses. Co…
  • Packaging Supplies and Material Handling

    Packaging supplies and material handling Tapes, tape guns, boxes, bags, and more — Elevated Industrial Solutions, formerly Lane Supply Company, has everything you need to keep your business moving. Contact Us Packaging supplies for on…
  • Refurbished Rentals & Used Air Compressors

    Refurbished rentals and used air compressors Elevated, formerly Palmetto Compressors and Compressed Air Technologies, has a wide variety of previously owned air compressors, blowers, dryers, vacuums, and pumps. All previously owned equipment is cleane…
  • Parts & Accessories

    Parts and accessories For maintenance or compressor repairs, we offer high-quality parts and accessories for all major brands and models of air compressors, blowers, dryers, and vacuums available. Contact Us Parts and accessories to keep yo…
  • Vacuums, Blowers, Dryers, & More

    Other equipment Elevated Industrial Solutions, formerly Palmetto Compressors and Compressed Air Technologies, has air receivers, blowers, dryers, vacuums and pumps, condensate management systems, chillers, and more. Contact Us Everything fo…
  • Air Compressors

    Air compressors Elevated, formerly Palmetto Compressors and Compressed Air Technologies, is an authorized dealer for Kaeser air compressors. We also provide an array of reciprocating compressors. Contact Us Serving South Carolina, Michigan, and …
  • Filters, Parts, & Accessories

    Filters, parts, and accessories All the consumables you need. We have a variety of filters for every booth and accessories for every job. Our solutions are here for everything you need to paint, coat, and finish. Contact Us Filters, parts, a…
  • Powder Systems

    Powder systems We have everything you need — electrostatic spray guns and spray booths as well as ovens — for powder coating. Contact Us Perfect powder solutions With Elevated Industrial Solutions, we’ll bring everything togethe…
  • Liquid Systems

    Liquid systems Elevated Industrial Solutions has everything you need — spray guns, spray systems, spray booths, pumps, controllers, and more — to transfer liquid paint onto any surface. Contact Us Transfer paint efficiently One …


  • Emergency Repairs Compressors

    Emergency air compressor repairs At Elevated, formerly Palmetto Compressors and Compressed Air Technologies, we offer a variety of compressor repairs for your facility. 24 x 7 x 365 days a year. Evenings, weekends, holidays. Contact Us We got you…
  • Plant Surveys

    Plant surveys We do more than give coating and finishing equipment recommendations. At Elevated, we help you improve how your business runs. Contact Us Site surveys to improve business Some companies just have product suggestions. At Eleva…
  • Product Demos

    Product demos Seeing and trying is believing. We’ll show you products from trusted brands before you have to purchase. Contact Us Product demonstrations We want you to be happy with products. That’s why we provide demos to you and your tea…
  • Training

    Staff training Let us train your team so you don’t have to. Contact Us Save money we’ll educate your team We have experts who know all the best practices for how to use coating and finishing equipment. We do that training — free. We’l…
  • Analysis and Measurements

    Analysis and measurements We analyze how your coating and finishing is spraying through various analysis, including a paint transfer efficiency. Contact Us Measuring waste and success At Elevated, we analyze paint transfer to ensure it’s su…
  • Installations

    Turnkey installations When it comes to compressed air systems installations, We engineer the design, manage the project, and handle the installation of your compressed air system. Our experts handle the entire installation process. Seamlessly. Con…
  • Analysis & Audits

    Audits and analysis for your compressed air system At Elevated — formerly Palmetto Compressors and Compressed Air Technologies — we offer a variety of analysis and audits to keep your compressed air system running at peak efficiency. C…
  • Maintenance & Preventive Maintenance

    Preventive maintenance We partner to ensure your compressed air system is powering your facility as you expect, protecting your investment and giving you peace of mind. Contact Us Peace of mind starts here Depending on how you used your co…
  • Inventory Management

    Inventory management Eliminate struggles related to supply chain delays and sourcing woes. At Elevated, formerly Lane Supply Company, we help your business run more effectively and efficiently. Contact Us Vendor managed inventory is easier w…
  • Plant Surveys

    Plant surveys We do more than provide industrial supplies. At Elevated, formerly Lane Supply Company, we’re your partner so your business runs better. Contact Us Site surveys to operate at peak efficiency We go beyond recommending products….


We serve industrial companies nationwide from several locations:
  • Colorado
  • Michigan
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina
  • Wisconsin
We also have the following sales locations:
  • California
  • Montana
Who we serve

we serve

If you’re an American industrial company, we’re your go-to. We help business owners, production managers, purchasers and buyers, plant and facility managers, supply chain and procurement experts, and engineers. If you’re part of the workforce powering our economy, we’re helping you and your peers.


We ignite customer growth and empower employee development. We’re dedicated to constant improvement — individually and organizationally.

Culture & values

When you partner with us, count on amazing customer service from people who genuinely want your company to succeed.
Customer focus
Customer focus

We’re hyper-focused on service, ensuring you have the right solutions. We listen to you, thoroughly understanding your business. Our job is to make recommendations to save you time and improve your quality. Count on us to have your back, relentlessly solving problems the right way.

Our goal is always to exceed your expectations.


We’re honest and transparent as well as respectful. We won’t sell you things you don’t need and will always make recommendations on what might work better — saving you time, reducing costs, or improving quality.

It’s ingrained in Elevated employees to succeed. But better yet, we want to win for our customers. We tirelessly pursue perfection.
We actively listen to ensure you have a seamless and unfailingly positive experience. With Elevated, you won’t be waiting to get updates. Instead, you’ll know what’s happening and how we can further help you.

We’re American industry’s trusted choices because we’re experts in our field, staying ahead of the curve. We’re constant students — growing and learning.

Introducing us

Elevated Industrial Solutions is the unification of several companies that serve the same customers — commercial industrial companies across America. We wanted to unify to offer more options and better serve customers nationwide.

Our history

Our unification is new, but each of our businesses has been around a while. Lane Supply Company started in Denver Colorado in 1955. The small business was focused on industrial supplies and great service. In 2014, Lane Supply Company was purchased.

After the success of that acquisition, a coating application equipment business — Finish Systems out of New Berlin, Wisconsin — was added in 2017. The company evolved into one that ensures efficient coating and finishing to everything from vehicles to pallets.

Next, air compressor and air compressor service companies were added — Compressed Air Technologies (CAT) serving the Cincinnati, Ohio area as well as Palmetto Compressors in South Carolina. Both provide exceptional service and the gold standard in compressors — Kaeser.


Today, we’re known as Elevated Industrial Solutions. We’re serving more of our customers’ needs by providing industrial supplies, coating and finishing systems, and compressed air systems as well as various services. It’s our business to make your company more efficient and effective, providing solutions that go beyond products or services.

Some things haven’t changed. We’re still known for our customer focus, expertise, integrity, and passion. We’re also known as a partner, thoroughly understanding your business goals.

  • Elevated Industrial Solutions

    2022 Rebranded

    Elevated Industrial Solutions rebranded to unite companies, providing nationwide solutions — industrial supplies, coating and finishing systems, and compressed air systems.

  • Air Center

    2022 Acquired

    Air Center is known in Michigan and NW Ohio as the place for compressed air equipment and service as well as assembly tools. They’re an authorized Kaeser dealer.

  • Palmetto Compressors

    2020 Acquired

    Palmetto Compressors (Palmetto) sells compressed air systems and compressed air service in South Carolina — the Palmetto State. They’re an authorized Kaeser dealer.

  • Compressed Air Technologies

    2019 Acquired

    Compressed Air Technologies (CAT) offers compressed air systems in Ohio and Kentucky while providing service in those two states as well as Indiana. They’re an authorized Kaeser dealer.

  • Finish Systems

    2017 Acquired

    Finish Systems in Wisconsin sells coating application, paint, and finishing spray equipment. The e-commerce website is still around and is considered a sub-brand. Meanwhile, Elevated incorporated coating and finishing into its core products.

  • Lane Supply Company

    1955 Founded

    Lane Supply Company in Colorado offers industrial supplies. The business has been helping manufacturing, industrial, and construction companies since 1955. Lane was purchased in 2014 by Lane Holdings.



We’re a 60-year-old startup — passionate about customer service and committed to developing people. It’s fast-paced and fun. And we’re always looking for trusted, hard-working people yearning to use their expertise to help customers.

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We give five-star service daily

It's not just us who thinks we're providing great customer service. Read some of our reviews.

  • air compressor team


    "[Elevated] has been servicing our compressors for nearly 30 years. This week we had an issue and had to shut one compressor down. With one compressor down, we could only run half the machinery in our factory. They had a technician at our plant within an hour. He quickly diagnosed the issue, got the compressor back in service, and told us what to watch for in the future. I highly recommend [Elevated] for all your compressed air needs." - Fraser League

  • elevated is customer focused

    Above and beyond

    "I work for Aceno Granite and have got to work with [Elevated] a lot lately. [They] go above and beyond when we needed more on a rush order. Even confirmed tracking for me the next day." - Brooke, Aceno Granite

  • Exceeds expectations

    "Switching to [Elevated] to service our compressors, I have found them to be flexible, reliable, and professional. Always available in time of need and [Elevated] continues to consistently exceed my expectations." - Stu, MAGNA VEHTEK Systems, Inc.

  • customers happy with our service

    Friendly, helpful people

    "Great company the people are very helpful and friendly." - Rod, DMD Windows and Doors

  • happy customers with great service

    Great customer service

    "I work for a granite/marble company and I've been placing orders with [Elevated Industrial Solutions] for several months now. Customer service has been great. Any questions I have about orders get rapid replies, letting me know when the orders have arrived, and are ready for pick up at the requested time. Any issues are met with a rapid response and they get resolved." - Diego Cazares

  • great representatives

    Great representatives

    "Jason was a great representative to deal with. He made sure to follow through, showing up to ensure delivery ad installation [happened]. The air compressor has been a savior for our shop, which services large busses and on-highway semi-tractors. The air compressor meets and exceeds our expectations. The [Elevated] team is great to deal with and honest. What more could you ask for." - David, Cummins Sales & Service

  • Ford MAP

    Highly recommended

    "I am currently the Air Tool Pipefitter/Repairman at Ford Michigan Assembly Plant. We have a wide range of Power Totools that we maintain to support production at our facility, which includes manufacturers such as Atlas Copco, Stanley, Ingersoll Rand, and such. [Elevated] has provided us with outstanding support in the purchasing of parts and also provided us with technical support when needed. When parts are ordered, we receive them in a timely manner thanks to Service Manager Al Rocker. Al has been our contact person at [Elevated] and has been very professional and courteous. We also thank their sales team for their support on the Stanley Power Tools that are becoming a big part of our inventory. I highly recommend [Elevated] to all that are in the assembly tool business." - Jeff, Ford MAP

  • machining

    Best decision ever

    "The best decision I ever made. Kaeser is super quiet and [Elevated] did a fabulous job with the turnkey [compressor system] installation." - Roger, Milkip Machining

  • adient uses elevated precision tools

    Treat us right

    "[Elevated] has treated us right for several years now. We used to send all of our Atlas Copco electric torque tools back to the factory for repairs, but the cost was very high and time consuming. [Elevated] has decreased our repair cost by quite a bit and return our guns quickly, we have not had problems with the repairs." - Brett, Adient

  • tires


    "[Elevated] has proven to be a customer-centered company that has served our compressor needs for years. We have purchased many Kaeser compressors over the years and [Elevated] is why we continue to buy these units. [The employees there] take an urgent stance if we have a break down and prioritize our needs to get us back up and running again 24 hours a day. They truly understand what service after the sale means and the products they sell are of great quality. We count on the partnership we have with [Elevated] for both service and quality for the machines that are the heart of our business." - David, Tireman Auto Service Centers
  • foundry uses compressors

    Best products

    "In our harsh manufacturing environment, Kaeser by far has been the best compressor we have owned." - Charlie, Cebco Foundry

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