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Elevated, formerly Palmetto Compressors and Compressed Air Technologies, is an authorized dealer for Kaeser air compressors. We also provide an array of reciprocating compressors.

Serving South Carolina and the Dayton-Cincinnati, Ohio areas

If your business or field location is in South Carolina or the Dayton and Cincinnati area, we’d be happy to help you. Otherwise, we’ll send your information on to a distributor in your area.

Rotary screw air compressors: Kaeser

At Elevated, we’re known for being an authorized distributor in South Carolina as well as Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Known for energy efficiency, reliability, and durability, Kaeser is the name in air compressors. We have horsepower ranging from — 3 to 650 hp. Our belt drives are available from 3 to 30 hp and with flows from 8 to 124 cfm.  Direct drive compressors are available from 25 to 450 hp with flows from 72 to 2015 cfm, providing pressures from 80 to 217 psig. The direct drive air end/motor package is designed to provide the highest efficiency over its entire speed range of 20 to 100%. Let us help you determine the compressor you need for your facility, whether you’re expanding your space or starting from scratch.

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Reciprocating compressors

We have a range of reciprocating compressors to handle your various needs. Contact us and we can make recommendations on the equipment that’s right for your facility.

Why Kaeser

We’re proud to be the Kaeser-authorized distributor for South Carolina and the Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio area. Kaeser is known for quality; its compressors are German-engineered for superior performance and maximum efficiency. Here are just a few reasons why your company may want to use a Kaeser compressor.

  • Energy efficiency: Energy makes up about 70% of the cost of your compressor over the next 10 years — more than purchase price and maintenance combined. Kaeser’s signature rotary design makes the most out of that money, putting out 20% more air per kilowatt than other brands.
  • Easy maintenance: Kaeser compressors’ cabinet design and quick fluid change system make maintenance faster, easier, and less expensive.
  • Expert engineering: Durable construction and precision-aligned design create a smoother, more efficient operation. With proper maintenance [link to preventive maintenance], Kaeser compressors outlast other brands of air compressors.
  • Space efficiency: Our compressors occupy a smaller footprint in your shop or factory and produce less noise. That’s safer for your workforce.
  • Reliability: Reliable operation means fewer interruptions in production. When properly maintained, Kaeser air compressors are far less likely to break down and cut into production time.

engineered solution

Whether you call it our custom-engineered solution or a Kaeser air package, we can get you exactly what you need within the confines of your facility. Combine our Sigma rotary screw compressors with an integral refrigerated dryer, an appropriately sized receiver, and filtration to provide the required air quality level. These complete, ready-to-use systems put a complete air system in a small space — perfect for small commercial shops or factories. They’re also great for a backup system to keep critical equipment operating.
and expert advice
We have air compressor advice to save your company time, energy, and money.

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