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LOCTITE® is a Henkel leading brand, known for industrial adhesive solutions. LOCTITE® adhesives products are perfect for industrial and commercial purposes.

At Elevated, we carry a wide variety of Loctite products — too many to list on one page. We can also help ensure you get the right adhesive or sealant for your project.

    Why Loctite and what is it?

    Reduce unplanned downtime, improve reliability prevent equipment failure, and lower production costs. Loctite has a range of glues, sealants, and industrial adhesive products, from threadlockers to thermal management materials. The company is known in the industry for offering some of the best adhesives there are. It’s why industrial businesses rely on them.

    Industrial adhesives

    Loctite carries a wide array of adhesives and sealants to ensure your projects stay put.


    According to Henkel, the parent company of Loctite, threadlockers are applied between two mating threads. These liquid threadlocker adhesives secure nuts, bolts, and threaded fasteners in place. They cure to form a strong bond that prevents loosening, ensuring assemblies retain clamp load over time. Choose the threadlocker that fits your need or contact us to help you decide which one you need.
    loctite threadlocker

    Red – 263

    Red threadlockers are designed for high strength and applications where a fastener needs to stay at a specific torque. It’s best for projects where you don’t need frequent removal. These areas might include fastening important safety related items or complex assemblies. Some thread lockers in this category may require heat to removed.

    loctite 243 threadlocker blue

    Blue – 243

    Blue threadlockers are a medium strength threadlocker adhesive. It cures fully in 24 hours and can be disassembled with hand tools. Blue threadlockers are removable with standard hand tools on 6mm to 20mm fasteners, have fast fixture times, and are available in liquid, stick, paste and gel form. Various sizes are available.

    loctite green threadlocker

    Green – 294

    Green threadlocker is recommended for locking preassembled fasteners, e.g. electrical connectors and set screws. This wicking-grade threadlocker is categorized as a medium-to-high-strength adhesive. Also available in a liquid form, LOCTITE® green wicking threadlocker cures in 24 hours and can be removed with hand tools and, in rare instances, may require heat to assist when threads have excessive engagement lengths.

    Structural adhesives

    Structural adhesives can provide durable bonds for even challenging applications on a variety of materials and surfaces. They also can reduce manufacturing costs as well as eliminate the design constraints of mechanical fasteners and assembly times. Although we can’t name all the structural adhesives that Loctite carries, here are a few of our favorites.

    HY 4070

    A fast-curing cyanoacrylate/acrylic hybrid adhesive that has really proved its versatility to bond to various substrates. That variety includes some hard to bond plastics, rubbers, and of course metals. High viscosity gel aides in vertical applications. Fast fixtuing saves time. Good moisture and temperature resistance makes it versatile for many applications.

    ea e-120hp

    EA E-120HP

    A good choice for impact and peel resistance applications where vibrations or shocks will happen. Superior thermal performance to temperature changes of dissimilar substrates. Good chemical resistance to most solvents. Long work life can ease assembly of complex parts. Bonds to many metals, including steel and aluminum as well as some plastics and ceramics.

    aa 3035

    AA 3035

    Fast-curing, high-viscosity gel for bonding low surface energy plastics without pre-treatment or primer. This adhesive is a good choice for those challenging projects where you need high strength to bond plastics. Eliminating primer or surface pre-treatment saves time and money while still providing outstanding performance. This adhesive will also bond metal, glass and other plastics.

    Instant adhesives

    Instant adhesives as the name implies are for instantaneous bonding of the two substrates. Instant adhesives are versatile — they can come in many different viscosities, bond to many different substrates (even some plastics), and even fill gaps. Many instant adhesives can be paired with different dispensing systems to improve workflow. Many adhesives in this category can be flexible, temperature resistant, or moisture resistant if needed.
    loctite 401 instant glue


    Loctite 401 is a great general purpose instant adhesive for close-fitting parts. It bonds to many dissimilar substrates with an extraordinarily strong bond. It’s a great price for the performance and improves assembly times dramatically.

    406 instant glue


    This ultra thin adhesive is wicking-grade instant adhesive for close tolerance bonding. It’s specifically formulated for many rubbers and plastics. With this product, you’ll need to use Loctite SF770 primer to improve bonding on difficult to bond plastics like Polypropylene, Polyethylene, and PTFE.

    454 instant adhesive


    Loctite 454 is a high-viscosity gel that’s also an instant adhesive. It’s well suited for filling gaps and vertical surfaces. The high viscosity also makes it an excellent choice for porous materials and overhead applications. This universal formula makes it versatile for most substrates.

    Case study for Loctite’s threadlocker

    Read how this adhesive reduced leaks, downtime, and maintenace.

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