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Elevated Industrial Solutions is proud to carry Pregis. Pregis is a specialty packaging company that focuses on solutions for manufacturers and distributors.
When it comes to sustainable packaging and flexible solutions, Pregis thinks outside the box.



    Why Pregis?

    The company says it’s not just about packaging, it’s about “WOW!” Pregis employees solve your toughest business challenges with packaging so you can create customers for life.

    When working with this company, you’ll minimize shipping costs, keep products flying out the door, inspire brand loyalty and reduce damages across all your fulfillment channels. As a leading manufacturer and provider of innovative packaging and protective products, Pregis helps you succeed.

    pregis is about wow
    Pregis options for packaging
    Cool options that create customers for life, the packaging your products come in makes a big difference. Bring your brand to life through them.

    Astro-Foam Polyethylene Sheet Foam

    Astro-Foam® polyethylene sheet foam is an easy-to-use protective packaging solution ideal for diverse industries and applications. Its tear-resistant material can protect heavy items or those with sharp edges. Astro-Foam is economical, versatile and resilient option which satisfies a wide range of performance needs. It comes in various thickness, too. Plus, it’s a great option for antistatic properties so it can be used for certain electronics where static electricity could be a concern.


    These are protective films for any application. They’re water-based, solved-based, rubber-based, or adhesiveless. No two surfaces are the same, which is why these films come in a variety of materials, gauges, lengths, widths, and tack.

    Custom Packaging

    Put your brand on your packaging — outside labels, inside to protect your products, and more. Pregis offers custom colors and options. If you can think it, they can do it.

    AirSpeed On-Demand Systems

    These machines use high-quality films to create air pillows for void fill, wrappable patterns for light cushioning and hybrid cushioning that offers additional product protection throughout the shipping cycle.

    Easypack On-Demand Paper Systems

    These machines fit every application – void fill, cushioning, or blocking and bracing with paper. Pregis prides itself on creating the safest, most reliable and easy to use paper systems on the market. This is a great ecofriendly option.

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