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Dynabrade is known in the industry for the company’s abrasives, power tools, robotic solutions, and accessories. Elevated provides a list of a few of our favorites.
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We’re a Dynabrade prefered vendor as the Elevated staff is professionally trained by the Dynabrade team. We maintain our knowledge as well as continue to grow the understanding of new product offerings through check-ins from Dynabrade throughout the year. Not only are the Dynabrade team great to work with — a partner to us and our customers — they have fantastic products with a variety of price points. Plus, they handle about every industry we do from woodworking to aerospace.

    Why Dynabrade and what is it?

    Known for innovation around its abrasives and tools, Dynabrade was founded in 1969. Since its founding the company has taken off like a rocket. Their headquarters are in New York, with subsidiaries in Luxembourg and India. Overall, the business in 90 countries speaking 26 languages! Like Elevated, they partner with customers to improve processes, understand how to further innovate, and make work environments better and safer.

    Dynabrade options
    Let us help you get the right tools for your jobs. We have good, better, best recommendations with accessories that meet your project goals.
    dynabrade extreme

    Dynorbital Extreme Random Orbital Sanders

    These ergonomic, high-powered sanders have a consistent speed under load. Plus, with the Extreme, there are improved vacuum ports on models designed for dust collection. It also works on metal, wood, and composites.

    • Recessed throttle lever to eliminate press on palm
    • Comfort grip with enhanced ergonomics
    • Lip seal shroud for better vacuum performance
    • Weight-mated sanding pad for reduced vibration and consistent finishes
    • Integrated swivel cuff and increased port size for a secure, maneuverable vacuum connection
    dynabrade spirit

    Dynorbital Spirit

    Great all around sander — good performance to value. Balanced with low vibration.

    • Comfort platform provides additional hand and wrist support, further enhancing operator comfort
    • Speed control with your thumb, regulating speed of the tool
    • Drop-in motor to reduce costly down-time associated with routine maintenance
    • Dynabrade’s lightest Random Orbital Sander
    • Ideal for vertical and contoured applications and for operators with smaller hands


    This dual action sander is two sanders in one. Switch for rotary or random orbital use, known in the auto body industry as the “mud buster.”

    • Powerful motor that offers 12% more HP
    • Strong single-piece handle minimizes air leakage and reduces the chance of breaking
    • Lighter in weight by 7%, reducing operator fatigue while increasing overall efficiency
    • Lower vibration levels
    • Larger vacuum port resulting in better vacuum flow
    • Safety-lock throttle lever, increasing safety and preventing accidental start-up


    We have a variety of sanders, discs, accessories, and more. Call us for details.

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