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Elevated has its own countertop seam adhesives: Thick and Thin. Less expensive than other adhesives, it’s cartidge-based and exactly what countertop businesses need to run more efficiently and effectively.

    kitchen remodel with thick and thin

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    We have two countertop seam adhesives (CSA). Both options automate countertop seam adhesive application. They’re easy-to-use cartridges in 250 ml in popular colors.

    thick countertop adhesive


    • Great for quartz, sintered materials, and natural stone
    • No drips or mess
    • Great for mitered edges and vertical applications
    • Ideal for deck seam installations
    • No bleeding into natural stone
    thin countertop seams


    • Fast to apply and dry, curing about 20 minutes
    • Excellent bond strength
    • Color matching with a range of colors


    Call us for details. You’ll be pleased you did.

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