Automotive and specialty vehicles

Elevated Industrial Solutions has a variety of industrial, coating and finishing, and compressed air solutions for your specialty vehicle and automotive needs.

Solutions for autos and specialty vehicles

Cars, ambulances, fire trucks, outdoor vehicles (including camper vans), military vehicles, and other specialty vehicles need durable products that keep your company running at peak efficiency. That’s where we come in! We partner with you to provide a range of industrial supplies, compressed air solutions, and coating and finishing applications to ensure your business is saving time, reducing costs, and improving the quality of your fleet.

Industrial supplies

We go beyond a typical industrial supply distributor. We’re your partner to get your vehicles in tip-top shape.


We have the premier brands for abrasives.

  • Fiber discs
  • File belts
  • StikitTM discs
  • ScotchBriteTM discs and belts
  • Handpads
Converted Tape & Specialty Die-Cut Products

Converted Tape & Specialty Die-Cut Products

We make adding emblems and assembly easier.

  • Adhesive-backed items
  • Sound and vibration dampening
  • Decals and labels
  • Surface protection
Tapes & Reclosable Fasteners

Tapes & Reclosable Fasteners

Not all tapes are the same. For specialty vehicles, you need durable, long-lasting tapes that we provide.

  • VHB Tape TM
  • Metal bonding 
  • High temp masking 
  • Powder coat masking
Safety Supplies

Safety Supplies

We have everything to keep your employees safe and your workspace clean and tidy.

  • Head and face protection
  • Safety glasses and other eye protection
  • Respirators, masks, and supplied fresh air system (PAPR)
  • Hearing protection
  • Disposable apparel and full-body protection
  • Gloves and hand protection
automotive sealants


Protect your vehicle with hardy sealants.

  • Hybrid 
  • Polyurethane
  • Silicones, including colored silicones
  • Activated silicones
air filtration

Air Filters & Purification

Protect your EMS and rescue staff as well as patients.

  • Air purification for EMS vehicles
  • Easy to install in surface or flush mount
  • Reduces odors caused by smoke and pollutants
  • Active Radiant Catalysis (ARC) for photocatalytic oxidation
  • Germicidal UV disinfection
Services for specialty vehicles

Services for specialty vehicles

We have a range of services, too, ensuring you’re using the right products for the right jobs. We’ll ensure you’re not wasting paint, train your staff on techniques, recommend products, and stock items just for your business. If you’re in the Cincinnati area or South Carolina, we can also provide services. At Elevated, we offer solutions.

Coating and finishing systems

Elevated has a range of coating and finishing solutions for the automotive and specialty vehicle industry. From liquid to powder, spray gun to spray booth, we have everything you need to fix up trucks, cars, planes, boats, and more.
automotive and specialty

Liquid Systems

We provide a range of spray guns and systems.

  • HVLP (compressed air and turbine air)
  • LVLP
  • Reduced pressure
  • Conventional air spray
  • Air-assist airless
  • Airless
powder coating and powder systems

Powder Systems

We provide the powder systems you need.

  • Manual
  • Automatic
  • Ovens
spray booth

Spray Booths

We have a wide range of spray booths.

  • Powder booths — spray-to-waste and reclaim
  • Liquid booths — downdraft, cross-draft, open, enclosed, and bench
packaging and boxing

Filters & Accessories

Our industrial supplies cover the gambit and we have everything you need for painting, coating, and finishing.

  • Filters — intake and exhaust
  • Clear film
  • Lights
  • Manometers
  • Fresh air and purification systems

Assembly tools, service, and calibration

We offer assembly tools, service, and calibration for improved productivity and increased safety for your customers. Our lab is A2LA (1522.01) certified. If you’re in the Detroit area, we can even pick up and deliver your tools.

Compressed air solutions for automotive

If you’re in Ohio, South Carolina, or Michigan, we have compressed air system solutions as well as a wealth of services — audits, analysis, maintenance (including preventive maintenance), emergency compressor repairs, and turnkey installations.

We handle solutions for marine vessels, too

Boats, ferries, yachts, cargo ships, and other vessels on the ocean — we help your business with industrial solutions. Elevated offers paint equipment, industrial supplies, compressed air systems, and more.
solutions for marine vessels

Trusted brands to keep your vehicles moving

We have trusted brands for industrial supplies, spray guns, spray systems, paint booths, compressors, and more.

  • 3m
  • rohner
  • loctite
  • kaeser compressors
  • greentech filters and air purification
  • milwaukee tool
  • ca technologies
  • sas safety
  • uneeda
  • rtt which purchased colmet
  • apollo
and expert advice
We have industrial-strength advice about air compressors, coating and finishing systems, and industrial supplies to help your business.

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