Precise, German engineering makes these spray guns and spray equipment better. Easier to use, easier to clean, better transfer efficiency — SATA has everthing liquid surface coaters need.
For more than 100 years, SATA has been leading the charge for spray guns and spray equipment. Wordlwide, they have distribution partners, like Elevated, to help companies coat and finish.

    sata spray area
    Who is this company?

    SATA GmbH & Co. KG is a leader in the field of wet paint technologies. Their equipment and parts also includes cup systems and breathing protection systems. The company has a deep committment to sustainability and obtained 100% green electricity and district heating from neaby biogas plants. Employees are dedicated to working to increase sustainability to ensure future success.


    Spray guns and filters to improve your spray consistency. At SATA, they have HVLP and RP options. HVLP paint spray guns achieve particularly high transfer rates with their low-pressure technology. RP spray guns stand for maximum working speed with optimized high-pressure technology and low overspray. Both variants can be used very flexibly, meet the highest demands on the painting result and clearly exceed the transfer rates of 65 % required by the VOC directive.

    But SATA isn’t just known for spray guns. SATA is known for its breathing protection and filters, too.

    satajet x 5500

    SATAjet X 5500

    • Quiet spraying with a nozzle that’s optimized for flow
    • Low maintenance, no air distribution insert required
    • Efficient, consistent spray every time
    sata minijet

    SATAminijet 4400 B

    • Small, compact
    • Low maintenance with easy spot repairs
    sata 3000 k

    SATAjet 3000 K

    • Robust
    • Low maintenance, corrosion-resistant
    • Consistent spray
    • Ergonomic
    sata jet 3000 a

    SATAjet 3000 A

    • High material transfer rate
    • Can sustain high application speed
    • Quick change options to vary flow
    breathing protection

    SATA Air Vision

    Breathing Protection
    • No inhalation resistance for comfortable breathing
    • Ergonomic design with adjustment options
    • Reduced sound levels
    • Various colors available
    sata filter

    SATA Filter 500 Series

    • Higher absorption of contaminations (compared to SATA filter 484) due to the new sintered activated charcoal filter
    • Low maintenance — only necessary every six months for all stages with maintenance-free sealing elements
    • Maintenance-free bayonet lock with haptic and acoustic feedback
    • Easy to add with a simple plug-in system for upgrading SATA filter 544 to 584
    • Line connection possible either from the left or the right side
    • Air flow at 6 bar: 3,800 Nl/min
    Why SATA?
    Read our blog post for what you count on when it comes to SATA.
    Coating and finishing
    Get ideas to make your projects more efficient and more effective through coating and finishing.
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