Liquid systems

Elevated Industrial Solutions has everything you need — spray guns, spray systems, spray booths, pumps, controllers, and more — to transfer liquid paint onto any surface.

Transfer paint efficiently

One of the biggest costs you have is probably where you’re wasting money — paint. Our solutions increase consistency while reducing costs. Let us help you get the right solutions to coat or finish your wood, metal, plastic, or other projects.

Liquid coating and finishing

We have a range of products to finish or coat any surface. Our goal is to make you more effective and efficient, including your paint jobs.

Fluid Handling

Efficiently deliver fluid such as paints, glues, finishes, and more from the vessel to the spray equipment.

  • Pumps — piston pumps and double diaphragm pumps (high and low pressure)
  • Pressure tanks and cups
  • Agitators


We have options when it comes to plural component mixing systems to get the perfect ratio every time.

  • Electronic mixing and dosing systems (two and three component options, including inducing solvents)


Spray guns and systems — we have the products you need no matter what material you’re coating or finishing.

  • Single and plural component spray systems
  • Spray guns — air-assist airless (AAA), airless, HVLP, reduced pressure, conventional, electrostatic
  • Replacement and repair parts


Measure and ensure quality. Our solutions make your paint jobs better.

  • Viscosity cups
  • Wet and dry gauges


We specialize in liquid system booths — open face or enclosed.

  • Downdraft
  • Cross-draft
  • Side downdraft
  • Bench

Filters, Parts, & Accessories

We have everything you need to ensure your coating and finishing applications are working efficiently.

  • Intake and exhaust filters as well as surface protection for booths
  • Filters and screens for guns
  • Repair kits
  • Nozzles
  • Air and fluid, low and high pressure hoses
  • Cups
  • Cleaning kits

Health and safety

Because our company includes an industrial supply division, we can offer every safety and PPE item you’ll need to keep your workforce safe and productive. From respirators and fresh air systems to disposable clothing and gloves, we have everything you’ll need.
  • Respirators, masks, and supplied fresh air system
  • Spray and Tyvek suits
  • Surface protection
  • Safety glasses and eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Head and face protection

Liquid system brands we trust

Whether you’re interested in a spray or cup gun or a spray booth, Elevated has you covered.
  • wagner
  • rtt which purchased colmet
  • rohner
  • ca technologies
  • 3m
  • sata
  • col-met
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