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Wagner is our partner to provide some of the best equipment in coating and finishing systems. Flexible. Efficient. Effective. Fast.

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    Why Wagner and what is it?

    Wagner offers technologically advanced equipment and systems for the application of fluid coatings, powder coatings and paint to surfaces. With highly effective and efficient solutions, Wagner is known throughout the manufacturing, industrial, and construction industries for their superior equipment. If you’re ready to spray faster, coat better, and keep your workforce productive, contact us.

    Wagner systems

    We carry various lines from Wagner — liquid and powder systems. The following are just some of our favorites.

    e-line powder system from wagner

    Powder Systems

    The E-Line System is just one of the many solutions into automatic powder coating systems. Using proven Wagner application technology, E-Line systems offer excellent coating quality, quick color changes and high process reliability. The compact design of the system enables space-saving integration.

    • High coating quality
    • Efficient powder suction
    • Easy too operate
    • Low energy consumption
    • Space saving integration
    wagner twin controller

    TwinControl 35-150/35-70


    Electronic 2K mixing system for AirCoat and airless applications. Different variants can be configured for different applications. Second color can be retrofitted with extension set.

    • Easy handling
    • Reliable with patented magnetic stroke sensor to ensure high accuracy
    • Easy cleaning
    • High mixing accuracy with dosing valves to ensure precise dosing and excellent homogenization of the components
    • Flexible applications
    wagner puma pump

    Puma Pump 28-40


    High-pressure piston pump, stainless steel, for airless and AirCoat applications 220 bar and 2.4 l/min max. Ideal e.g. for a single coating workstation or as a hardener pump.

    • Reliable with an air motor with particularly low pulsation and excellent efficiency
    • Easy handling – ergonomically integrated
    • Low maintenance
    • Flexible applications
    wildcat pump from wagner

    Wildcat Pump 18 – 40


    High-pressure piston pump, stainless steel, for AirCoat applications of up to 140 bar and 2.4 l/min. Ideal e.g. for professional single-item lacquer stations in production and in the workshop.

    • Reliable
    • Easy handling
    • Low maintenance
    • Flexible applications
    aircoat spray gun by wagner

    GM 4700AC

    AirCoat Spray Gun

    Light AirCoat manual gun with excellent ergonomics for larger hands. With various nozzles and air caps for materials with low and highest viscosity.

    • Optimal atomization with a soft spray pattern
    • Reliable even under the toughest production conditions
    • Flexible applications
    • Ergonomic design with two gun sizes for different users that’s fatigue-free
    compact automatic airless spray gun

    GA250 AL

    Compact Automatic Airless Spray Gun

    Compact automatic airless gun for automatic applications. Different pressure ranges are available for different areas of use. Different WAGNER nozzle systems can be applied.

    • Strong performance with all wetted parts made from stainless steel
    • Reliable — long-lived, high resistance to corrosion
    • Flexible applications enabling proper atomization even with higher material viscosity
    Case study on saving one pallet company big time
    Read our case study on how we saved millions for one pallet company. In the process, they’re coating faster, with less waste, and have happier (and less fatigued) employees.
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