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Elevated Industrial Solutions, formerly Palmetto Compressors and Compressed Air Technologies, has air receivers, blowers, dryers, vacuums and pumps, condensate management systems, chillers, and more.

Everything for your compressed air system

We have a variety of equipment, including air receivers, blowers, vacuums, pumps, dryers, condensate management systems, chillers, refrigerated air dyers, desiccant air dryers, filters, filtration equipment, and nitrogen generator systems. More than that, we also have a huge stock of parts and accessories to keep your facility moving. Let us help you get the right equipment in South Carolina and the Dayton-Cincinnati, Ohio areas.

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We have service 24 x 7 x 365 days a year, even on holidays. More than that, we’ll partner with you to get equipment in and installed, provide a maintenance plan, and even send you reminders.


We sell a variety of dryers, including the following. (We can’t list everything on this page.) Contact us to help you get the right dryer for your facility.


Kaeser TAH, TBH, TCH

Kryosec Refrigerated Dyer

12 – 159 CFM

Kryosec refrigerated compressed air dryers provide dependable drying in a wide range of ambient temperatures and require minimal maintenance. The Kryosec’s heat exchanger system minimizes pressure loss, ensuring optimized energy savings. With their compact footprint, Kaeser’s Kryosec dryers are the versatile, reliable solution for air treatment applications where space is at a premium.


Heat exchangers
Hot gas bypass valve
Simple controls
Electronic demand drain

kaeser modular high capacity refrigerated dryer

Kaeser TK, TL, TM

Modular High Capacity Refrigerated Dyer

3150 – 5000 CFM

This is the dry air solution for large systems because large air systems present unique challenges for air treatment. Varying production needs means uneven compressed air volume use. Variable demand combined with lower ambient and inlet air temperatures results in a reduced load on any compressed air dryer. For non-cycling dryers, although the dryer may not need to operate continually, it still runs constantly, significantly increasing unnecessary power consumption. Multiple, separate dryers that are individually piped can add to pressure drop across the system and increase the likelihood of leaks in the connecting piping runs.


Non-fouling heat exchangers
Scroll refrigeration compressor
Integrated coalescing filtered separator
Automatic condensate drain
Integrated cold coalescing oil removal filter (optional)

ta 11 kaeser dryer

Kaeser TA, TB, TC, TD

Secotec Refrigerated Cycling Dyer

20 – 45 CFM

With their high-efficiency storage control, SECOTEC TA to TD series refrigerated air dryers can handle dew points to 38 °F, all while ensuring maximum efficiency at all times. A generously-sized thermal mass reduces material stress and assures stable pressure dew point performance. Significant savings potential during part-load operation and during breaks Highly durable and easy maintenance system design Air-cooled versions for ambient temperatures up to 110 °F.


Highly efficient multi-stage, stainless steel separator
Air-to-air and thermal storage-to-refrigerant heat exchangers
Thermal storage
Minimal pressure drop
Reliable refrigerant circuit
Maintenance-friendly design
Electronic demand drain

ta 11 kaeser dryer

Kaeser TE, TF

Secotec Refrigerated Cycling Dyer

325 – 470 CFM

Kaeser’s renowned SECOTEC industrial quality refrigerated dryers have long been valued for their stable pressure dew point performance, their exceptional reliability, and their low total life-cycle costs. The SECOTEC TF offers a choice of air- or water-cooled models. Together with the innovative SECOPACK LS latent heat storage heat exchanger system and the SIGMA CONTROL SMART controller, the next generation of these advanced dryers sets new standards when it comes to energy efficiency, compact design, and user-friendliness. Exceptional durability due to corrosion-resistant air piping and aluminum heat exchanger (condenser and SECOPACK LS) With Modbus TCP communication module for integration in the Sigma Network.


Highly efficient multi-stage, stainless steel separator
Air-to-air and thermal storage-to-refrigerant heat exchangers
Thermal storage
Minimal pressure drop
Reliable refrigerant circuit
Maintenance-friendly design
Electronic demand drain

kaeser htrd

Kaeser HTRD

High Temperature Refrigerated Dyer

23 – 145 CFM

Kaeser High Temperature Refrigerated Dryers (HTRD) are specifically designed for use with 5 – 30 hp piston compressors. These high-temperature refrigerated dryers remove moisture and contaminants from the air providing clean, dry air suitable for most shop tools. Units include an aftercooler, refrigeration units, demister separator, and a condensate drain.


Built to handle high inlet temperatures to 180°F
Compact, efficient stainless steel, plate-type heat exchangers
Integral filter to remove moisture, hydrocarbons, and solid particles
Condensate drain to auto-discharge liquid without air loss
Automatic refrigeration temperature control system
No maintenance or adjustments
Saves energy and prevents pipe sweating

kaeser desiccant air dryer

Kaeser KAD, KBD, KED

Desiccant Air Dryer

40 – 5400 CFM

Most compressed air applications can achieve the required air quality by using a refrigerated dryer in combination with proper filtration. However, in cases where compressed air is exposed to freezing temperatures or where the product, process, or equipment is highly sensitive to moisture, Kaeser offers a complete line of desiccant dryers specifically designed to meet low dew points and deliver energy savings.


Purge rate adjustment
Standard moisture indicator
Standard stainless steel support screens and air diffusers
Separate top fill and bottom drain ports
NEMA 4 electrical enclosure
Purge flow indicator
Tower status lights

kbs breathing air system from kaeser

Kaeser KBS

Breathing Air System

18 – 1130 CFM

The Kaeser Breathing Air System (KBS) is a complete purification system. It is designed to remove contaminants such as moisture, solid particles, oil or oil vapors, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons from normal compressed air. The KBS meets all quality requirements and international standards such as OSHA, CSA, ISO 12021, and DIN 3188. The KBS employs five treatment stages: Prefilter removes fluid droplets, dust, dirt, rust, oil, and other particles larger than 1 µm. The filter includes an electronic condensate drain. Microfilter removes particles and aerosols down to 0.01 µm. The filter also includes an electronic condensate drain. A heatless regenerating desiccant dryer removes water vapor and carbon dioxide, drying the air to a pressure dew point of -40°F. Catalytic converter removes carbon monoxide. Activated carbon filter removes hydrocarbon vapors and brings breathing air to legal requirements.


Left and right tower pressure gauges
Purge pressure gauge and inlet pressure gauge
Color change moisture indicator
NEMA 4/4X with critical LED indicators
Soft on/off switch with 2 power recovery modes
Switching failure alarms
CO catalyst converter and activated carbon filter

Kaeser HT Series cooling unit

Kaeser HT Series

High Pressure Refrigerated Dryers, Cooling Unit

10-330 CFM

Kaeser’s HT Series refrigerated dryers are specifically designed for high-pressure applications, such as laser cutting, leak testing, and PET bottling. High-quality components and excellent manufacturing ensure your processes will enjoy premium moisture protection for the long-term. Reliably dry compressed air from 130 scfm to 3,000 scfm For working pressures up to 725 psig For ambient temperatures up to 110°F.


45° to 50°F outlet air temperature
3 micron moisture separator

Vacuums, filters, and other equipment

We provide vacuums, filters, and a host of other equipment. (Again, we can’t list everything.) Contact us to help you get the right equipment for your facility.

Kaeser ASV rotary screw vacuum

Kaeser ASV, BSV, CSV

Rotary Screw Vacuum

Kaeser’s Rotary Screw Vacuum Packages feature a Sigma Profile™ airend specifically designed for vacuum applications such as dust collection, packaging, bottle and tube filling, drying, degassing, and filtration. Their rugged design combines ease of use with exceptional reliability and simple maintenance.


Sigma Profile™ airend
Belt drive with automatic tensioning
Premium efficiency drive motor
Gas ballast system


Kaeser Modular Housing
Kaeser Pressure Vessel

Compressed Air Filter

Proper filtration is necessary to ensure consistent air quality, but with it comes pressure drop. Every 2 psi of pressure drop increases power costs by 1%. Kaeser filters remove more contaminants with less pressure drop for lower operating costs. With a complete selection of application-specific filter types, sizes, technical service, and support, Kaeser offers a customized solution for all of your compressed air quality needs.

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