Coating and finish services

We offer a variety of coating and finishing services to ensure you’re painting, coating, and finishing efficiently and effectively.

Going beyond paint equipment

You can buy paint equipment from almost any company. At Elevated, we provide more than spray guns, spray systems, paint booths, filters, and accessories. We have a team of experts to recommend products, processes, and more to help you save time, reduce costs, and improve quality. We’re that trusted partner to better your business.

Serving more coating and finishing needs

We serve more of your coating and finishing needs by providing services. Let us walk through your facility and help your process.
Plant Surveys

Plant Surveys

Surveying sites help us learn about your business. From there, we can discuss streamlining processes, improving your product’s quality, reducing costs, and how your business could run more efficiently. Our team is trained to bring ideas to your company with a simple tour of your facility.
Product Demos

Product Demos

Recommending products is our specialty. Our experts will evaluate your process and recommend various coating and finishing applications. We can provide samples and work together until you’re seeing the results you want.


Learn about new coating and finishing equipment options and better ways to paint. We even bring in suppliers, such as Wagner and 3M.
Analysis and Measurements

Analysis and Measurements

Paint is expensive. When you’re spraying it — whether with a booth or spray gun — you want to make sure it’s transferring efficiently and consistently. That’s why we offer help to determine how to improve quality while speeding up the process.
saving big on paint
Case study: saving big on paint
Elevated was invited into one pallet and continer facility. Our expert team identified solutions that saved millions on paint and productivity while improving the environment and the coating consistency.
and expert advice
Don't paint yourself into a corner. We have coating and finishing advice for your business.

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