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Weld-On has a game changer for sign, signage, and display companies: 46C.
signage adhesive weld-on 46c

Weld-On has options for signage, sign, and display companies, but nothing like the 46C.

    Why Weld-On?

    Part of IPS Adhesives, Weld-On is known for bonds are stronger at Weld-On, specializing in companies that create signs and displays. They have a variety of products — more than 30 adhesives and solvents — supported by the right dispensing equipment to make it easy and mess-free. Plus, IPS is always innovating, listening to customers to understand where new products can better solve problems.

    Weld-On options
    IPS (parent company of Integra Adhesives and Weld-On) is known for quality and innovation.
    weld on 46c


    Weld-On 46C’s strong, clear adhesive is a game changer when it comes to bonding trim cap to polycarbonate lettering, as well as, metal to acrylic or acrylic to acrylic applications. Because it cures clear, no bond lines show through when the sign is back lit.

    • Cures optically clear with no bond lines
    • No sag, primerless metal bonding
    • Short working and fixture times
    • High-strength bond


    Call us for details and 46C, including letting us show you how revolutionary it is.

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