Filters, parts, and accessories

All the consumables you need. We have a variety of filters for every booth and accessories for every job. Our solutions are here for everything you need to paint, coat, and finish.

Filters, parts, and accessories

Our quality filters ensure your spray booth and spray systems are free of contaminants, providing a fine coat or finish. We also ensure that the exhaust filter is free of hazardous chemicals to protect your workforce.

Elevated Industrial Solutions (Elevated) also provides all the parts and accessories you need — such as hoses, nozzles, tips, needles, cups, gaskets, liners, and more. If equipment needs replacing, we have it.

We keep air moving

Filtration has specific laws to keep people safe. Elevated helps you ensure your filtration systems are working and that your workforce is protected.

  • Intake filters
  • Exhaust filters
  • Air makeup units
  • Downdraft filters
  • Crossdraft filters

Parts and accessories

Our specialty is offering a wide range of coating and finishing system solutions.

Pumps & Fittings

  • Pumps for various uses
  • Seals
  • Gaskets
  • Gauges
  • Filters and screens
  • Valves

Needles, Nozzles, & Tips

  • Cleaning needles
  • Atomizing heads
  • Fluid needles and nozzles
  • Air-assist airless tips


  • Hoses for spray guns, spray systems, and booths
  • Replacement hoses for other spray equipment

Caps, Cups, Lids, & Liners

  • Variety of cups
  • Caps
  • Lids 
  • Liners for tanks and spray equipment
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With Elevated, one company changed processes and equipment. Now they’re saving money, reducing waste, improving productivity, increasing safety, and enjoying better quality.

Filters, parts, and accessory brands

We have premier brands for your coating and finishing system filters. Plus, we help get you the parts and accessories you need to keep your projects moving.
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and expert advice
Don't paint yourself into a corner. We have coating and finishing advice for your business.

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