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OSI sells tough products to get construction and industrial jobs done with top of the line products such as sealants, adhesives, foams, and tapes.

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    Why OSI and what is it?

    OSI® is a trusted brand because it was born on the jobsite. A group of tradesman created OSI, seeking better performance from the products they were using every day. Their experience and persistence helped build one of the toughest portfolios of construction sealants, adhesives, foams and tapes available in the industry — products that stand-up to the elements and provide long-lasting protection.

    OSI foams, sealants, adhesives, and more

    The OSI® QUAD® Window and Door System (Quad Max, Quad Foam, and Quad Butyl Flash) is designed to stand up to anything nature can throw at it. Tough enough for residential or commercial, it’s recommended by leading building material manufacturers. With training, it’s also backed by a 15-year limited warranty.

    osi quad max sealant

    Quad Max Sealant

    When durability matters, QUAD® MAX delivers. This next generation sealant takes toughness to the next level, with a superior combination of adhesion and flexibility for a long-lasting finish.

    • 200+ colors that match more than 9,200 finishes from leading window, door, and siding manufacturers
    • Clear option available that’s non-cloudy, unlike traditional silicones and hybrids, and remains transparent and resists yellowing from UV exposure
    • Apply in temperature range of 0ºF-140ºF
    • Will not shrink as it cures
    • Resists damage from UV exposure
    • Does not collect dust and dirt
    • Fast 24-hour cure and paintable in 1 hour
    • Resistant to bubbling
    • GreenGuard® certified
    quad foam

    Quad Foam

    QUAD® FOAM offers superior protection from the elements. Its high ratio of closed-cell structures provides the ideal barrier to air and moisture while delivering optimal insulation performance. It works in all regions of the country during both the high temperatures of summer and the extreme lows of winter.

    • Apply in temperatures as low as 14ºF
    • Closed-cell technology keeps air and moisture out
    • Withstands seasonal expansion and contraction
    • Available in both straw and gun-grade cans
    • R5 insulation value helps inhibit heat transfer
    • Low-pressure, low-expansion formula will not warp, deform or bow windows
    • 10-minute, quick-setting foam
    • GreenGuard® certified
    quad butyl flash

    Quad Butyl Flash

    Create an air and vapor barrier around window and door flanges and joints with QUAD® Butyl Flash. The self-adhesive tape is easy to install on both residential and commercial applications and performs against a range of temperatures. As part of the QUAD® Window & Door System, it helps protect interior spaces against the elements, sealing joints and cracks in exterior wall assemblies.

    • Apply in temperature range of 25ºF-180ºF
    • Resists UV exposure up to 120 days
    • Adheres to most building materials
    • Plastic liner peels away cleanly
    • Compatible with most sealant products
    • Meets or exceeds ASTM-E2112 & AAMA-711 requirements
    fire block foam

    Quad Fire Block Foam

    QUAD Fire Block Foam provides critical extra protection against the spread of smoke through holes and other building penetrations. Designed with a closed-cell polyurethane structure, it delivers critical blocking capabilities without cracking or drying out over time. Approved for use in Type V-A and occupancy group R3 and R5 buildings.

    • Fire blocking
    • Tested to UL 723 in accordance with ASTM E84
    • Tested in accordance with ASTM E814
    • Conforms to IRC and IBC
    • Will not crack or dry out
    • Available in orange
    construction adhesives

    Construction Adhesives

    We have access to the full range of adhesives construction companies need to build and install. OSI construction subfloor and drywall adhesives are specifically formulated for optimal performance.

    Here’s a list of the adhesives we can get for the construction industry.

    • SF450 Interior/Exterior
    • SF450+ Polyurethane
    • F38
    • RT600
    • QB300

    Training and testing

    Not every company takes compliance seriously, but OSI does. They offer training and testing to your contractors, ensuring they know how to apply materials as well as testing to see if it holds up under extreme conditions. That means less worry about issues that could slow down or stop production. It’s also peace of mind that after you leave the jobsite, you won’t have lawsuits due to quality or application. Best of all, this training and the testing are both free.

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