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SeamKing is revolutionizing countertop knife-grade adhesives. Let Elevated show you why this bulk countertop adhesive will change how you’re handling seams.

SeamKing is a new countertop, knife-grade adhesive with a strong bond and priced to move. It’s easier to use and less messy than the knife-grade from a can. Let us show you how you can save time, reduce costs, get a better color match, and get a stronger bond with SeamKing Pro.

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    SeamKing Pro

    SeamKing Pro is the perfect adhesive choice for countertop and stone-working professionals. This adhesive delivers maximum seam strength with a 5-minute worktime and 20-minute gel time. It’s easy to apply and prepare for your toughest countertop jobs. This knife-grade sealant is UV-stable for indoor/outdoor use. You can use it for white quartz, granite, marble, porcelain, and ceramics. Plus, different color options are available. All you need is Crystal or Chameleon, a hardner, and a color (if pigment is needed).

    • 100% acrylic polymer
    • Ultra clear coloration for truer colors
    • Proprietary formula provides the highest strength bonds
    • 100% UV stable for outdoor applications
    • No mess, no can
    • Low BPOs
    • 1 year shelf life
    • Simple to use


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