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Employee and worker safety is paramount. Greentech filtration and air purification improves odors, reduces bacteria and mold, increases food longevity, improves safety for cannabis workers, and reduces the spread of COVID.

Any place where people gather — to work, to be together, to heal, to cook, to learn, to travel — those are all places that can benefit from Greentech filters and air purification devices. Using filters, HVAC and PTAC devices, mountables, and transportable purification systems, people are protected from germs, bacteria, mold, COVID, and ordors. Greentech is ideal for cannabis businesses (retail, manufacturing, or cultivation) looking to improve worker safety, healthcare facilities and senior living centers that want to protect patients, classrooms eager to help teachers and students. Using their products, Greentech can help you breathe easier.

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    Why Greentech and what is it?

    Founded in 2009 in Johnson City, Tennessee, Greentech Environmental (Greentech) is a leader in air purification systems. Greentech’s technologies are available for consumers with portable and personal systems and commercial HVAC systems for use in office buildings, hotels, in-door stadiums and more. Greentech is best known for a unique multi-technology approach to air purification. These technologies actively clean the air and surfaces in thousands of homes and commercial buildings across the globe.

    Greentech continues to grow in new areas. Greentech Filters+ with ODOGard® are the only filters that destroy odors at the molecular level, and are now available for both commercial and residential use.

    Tested solutions, even in the field (where you are)

    Research matters to Greentech. Employees have conducted with major labs more than 3,000 tests to ensure products do exactly what they say they do. This research is just for one of their portable devices, but they have results for other portable devices, induct, and mountable as well.

    99.98% inactivation of SARS-CoV-2

    >99.9% reduction TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) & PM (Particulate Matter)

    99.9% reduction of airborne mold, bacteria, TVOC

    99.9% reduction of surface bacteria and odors

    Solutions to breathe easier
    Let us help your cannabis business, healthcare facility, classroom, senior center, and more get the right solutions to keep people safe from germs, mold, MRSA, COVID, and bacteria. With a variety of solutions, we have portable, mounted, and induct options to keep your workforce safe so everyone breathes a little easier.

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