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Woodworkers — such as cabinet makers, furniture creators and repairers, floors, and casework — rely on sanding to refine their products. Uneeda is a top brand in abrasives.

Tight fits. Unusually-shaped objects. Refined details on furniture and cabinets. Uneeda is the premier brand for abrasives if you work with wood. See some of our favorites or call to see the entire line.

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    Why Uneeda?

    For the past 50 years, Uneeda has been committed to provide the highest quality coated abrasives on the market. The company’s main objective is to make sure customers are able to achieve the best results possible while reducing sanding costs. Uneeda’s expertise in abrasive products is unique in the industry, offering sanding technology tailored for your production system.

    Uneeda calls itself your “total sanding solutions.”

    • High-quality abrasives
    • Technical expertise
    • Wide range of abrasives
    Uneeda sanding solutions

    Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Uneeda has a range of abrasives we love, but here are a few of our very favorites in systems, belts, and discs.

    ekasilk plus uneeda

    Ekasilk Plus

    The Ekasilk Plus line is available in 5 grades for different stages of the finishing process. Due to the unique nature of the foam and the abrasive surface, it is important to understand that these grades do not perform 100% like the traditional grains you might use for a conventional abrasive.

    • Outlasts conventional abrasives up to 30 times, making it more cost effective
    • Eliminates hand sanding
    • Consistent cut and finish throughout
    • Flexible and tear resistant material
    • Available in vented holes to maximize dust extraction
    • Contours to any surface


    EKA1000 Wide Belt

    EKA1000 is a revolutionary product paper belt, suited for the sanding of all hard and soft woods. Utilizing Ekamant’s 3rd generation of anti-static technology, EKA1000 achieves a superior quality finish with excellent abrasive life. It’s a woodworkers dream.

    • Antistatic technology
    • Longest abrasive life
    • Reduced clogging
    • Universal application
    • Great for hardwood, lacquer/sealer, veneer, softwood, and polyester


    RKX0 Wide Belt

    RKXO is a poly-cotton blend used for heavy duty sanding. While coarser grits are best suited for stock removal, the finer grits are ideal for finishing of raw wood. This product provides an excellent finish.

    • Heavy duty cloth backing
    • Premium grain
    • Reduced clogging
    • Universal application
    • Great for hardwood, veneer, and softwood


    RKX Narrow Belt

    RKX is primarily used for machine sanding. It has a heavy cloth backing and a resin over resin binder which allows for excellent adhesion of the sanding grains to the backing, thus resulting in a stable product for demanding edge and wide belt sanding.

    • Increased abrasive life
    • Great for hardwood


    RKJF0 Narrow Belt

    RKJFO is an extra flexible abrasive product for profile and hand sanding. It is used for shaping and dimensioning before finishing.

    • Ideal for intricate shapes
    • Longer abrasive life
    • Reduced clogging
    • Highly flexible material
    • Great for hardwood, particle board or MDF, and softwood


    EKABLUE Disc

    Whether you are sanding wood, metal, solid surface or fiberglass, Ekablue is your go-to choice for a wide range of applications. Manufactured on a lightweight latex paper, the durable, precision coated aluminum oxide grain ensures superior life and quality finish with a fast and consistent cut. Ekablue is one of our most popular materials.

    • Most universal material
    • Longer abrasive life
    • Superior finish
    • Great for hardwood, particle board or MDF, veneer, lacquer/sealer, solid surface, and softwood

    Dust collection

    We offer UNEEDA’s new generation EKASAND Series 2 dust extraction system.  

    • Dual electric and pneumatic hook-ups
    • Vacuum automatically turns on/off when sander throttle is triggered
    • Fitted with HEPA filter to remove 99.97% particles
    • Unique rack system for easy tool storage and access
    • Adjustable suction power from 2,000 to 10,000rpm xxx
    • Comes with a 15ft antistatic hose

    We offer a variety of Uneeda products. Call us to learn pricing details based on volume. 


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