January 16, 2024

Comparing Alpha’s PSP-158 polisher to the competition

Alpha Professional Tools, one of the leading manufacturers of natural and engineered stone tools, proudly announced the release of its next-generation polisher: PSP-158 high-performance polisher. This polisher comes loaded with features that create superior results, better efficiencies, and a safer working environment. 

If you work with stone products, including countertop manufacturing or installation, check out the PSP-158 features and why it’s one of the most versatile, effective, reliable stone polishing tools to ever hit the market. 

About the PSP-158 High-Performance Polisher

The PSP-158 provides a high level of power and precision. This innovative polisher comes with numerous features and a variety of accessories that make using the tool convenient and efficient. Here are just a few of the features Alpha lists:

  • High-performance pneumatic polisher
  • Powerful motor
  • 30′ kink-free twin-air/water hose
  • All-weather hoses with flexibility down to -40°F or +140°F (-40°C or +60°C)
  • Quarter-turn switches for precise control
  • Central water-feed system to deliver ample water (regardless of position)
  • No-load RPM- 5,500
  • Comes in a reusable toolbox, great for carrying your equipment to jobs
  • Silicon gearhead to cushion and warm hands
  • One-year warranty; read more

Lightweight and flexible, potentially preventing silica dust

Alpha specializes in ergonomically designed, lightweight tools. Users love the cushion and hand warmer at the same time.  

Proper water distribution is critical when working with natural and artificial stone products, as it helps control dust and reduce exposure to harmful contaminants, including silica. With complete control of water, workers experience far less exposure to stone dust which can cause a variety of health issues. With the PSP-158, your team can maintain efficiency while thoroughly controlling dust to create a safe working environment. The tool uses a central feed system that delivers enough water to the workspace, even when the tool is being used in an awkward position. 

Alpha has included a variety of accessories that come with the polisher. Included in the package are all-weather hoses that maintain flexibility down to -40 and as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Built to last

This tool is also built to last. Alpha has included a variety of features that help maintain the tool throughout its working lifetime. For example, the tool includes a 3.4 oz. bottle of rust inhibitor oil to prevent rust and costly repairs.

Powerful and saves you time

The PSP-158 has a spindle lock — a key feature that will save money by speeding up production. It enables fabricators and installers to spend more time polishing and less time looking for wrenches to change out their backers or core bits.


Our Colorado Alpha representative, Alexander Makin, used to be a fabricator. He swears that it’s “quieter than most polishers on the market.” Not only does it reduce noise pollution for your workforce, you can have a real conversation about four feet away. As most fabricators and installers know, that’s a big deal.

Comparing the PSP-158 to other polishers 

No handle design

The PSP-158 uses a no-handle design to create greater maneuverability and control for operators. This helps increase efficiency and makes the polishing tool useful in a variety of applications, including unique angles and workpieces with different shapes. Much of the competition uses C-handle or D-handle designs. 

Oil port for maintenance

The PSP-158 has an oil port for maintenance, while many similar tools do not. While products from Diamax have an auto-lube injection, similar products from Pearl, Gison, Flex, Weha, and Hercules do not. 

A long list of exclusive features 

This tool has many features not found in other products, as well as features that are rare for similar tools. For example, the PSP-158 has a quick connector with a valve, hose, and storage toolbox. Many comparable tools do not have these features or accessories.

Silicon gear head cover included

Another feature that enhances the quality of the PSP-158 is the silicon cover, which protects the gearhead and provides greater longevity. This is the only tool in its category of competitors that provides a silicon gearhead cover. 

toolbox and parts for the psp-158

All these features with same air pressure

Perhaps you assume that the RPMs would become slower for the PSP-158 at 90 PSI. This assumption is false! The tool maintains a no-load at 5,500 RPMs, with the same air pressure provided by comparable tools from Samurai, Flex, Weha, and all other tools in its class. 

Best horsepower

Compared to similar products, the Alpha PSP-158 provides the best horsepower. Other products, when the data is provided, are around .32 to .52 hp, while the Alpha PSP-158 high-performance polisher provides .7 hp.  

Lighter than many products

While the PSP-158 is not the lightest tool on the market, compared to similar products it’s lighter or only slightly heavier. The PSP-158 has a listed weight of 3.0 pounds. That means it’s easy to handle, even for those big polishing jobs. Many other products weigh as much as a full pound more than the PSP-158. 

A full-year warranty

When you spend hundreds of dollars on a single tool, you need to know that it will meet your expectations and last long enough to justify the price. Alpha is demonstrating unsurpassed confidence in the PSP-158 by providing a one-year warranty with certain limitations; read about those limitations. While Flex also provides a one-year warranty, and Weha provides a 360-day warranty, similar tools have warranties of only 90, 60, or 30 days.

Plus, Alpha has a repair facility where you can send your tools even after that year is over. 

What does the PSP-158 need to run efficiently?

You must have the right PSI and CFM to run this tool effectively. Air pressure is 90 PSI and the air consumption needed is 21 CFM. If you’re in SE Michigan, western Ohio, or South Carolina, our team can work with your facility manager to ensure you have the proper airflow.

Compare the PSP-158 to other polishers

See how the PSP-158 stacks up against the competition yourself: polishing-tool comparison chart. Watch out, it might just blow you away. 

Contact us about the PSP-158 or other countertop gear

At Elevated, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for everything you need to fabricate and install countertops and cabinets. Adhesives, caulks, polishing tools, and more — we have the solutions you need to work more efficiently and effectively.

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