Schools systems and universities

Elevated Industrial Solutions works with school systems, colleges, universities, daycares, and other education institutions to provide industrial supplies, coating and finishing equipment, and compressed air solutions.

It’s smart doing business with us

We’re your partner, so your resources can focus on education instead of clean air, saving money on energy, facilities supplies, and more. Your goals are ours, and at Elevated we’ll help you meet them.

Industrial supplies

Elevated, formerly Lane Supply Company. has all the facilities, safety, construction supplies, and everything else you’ll need.

air filtration for cannabis cultivation

Filters & Air Filtration

Greentech provides options to make the air safer against mold, bacteria, and germs (including COVID). 

  • Filters that are cheaper and more effective than carbon
  • Induct options that work with your HVAC system
  • Filtration options that connect to dumpsters
school classroom

Safety Supplies

We make protecting your workforce and students easy and affordable.

  • 99.9% alcohol wipes
  • Nitrile gloves in various colors and sizes
  • Eye protection (glasses, visors, etc.)
  • Respiratory protection
construction at schools

Construction Supplies

If you’re handling construction — fixing countertops and bathrooms or adding space — we can help.

  • Adhesives
  • Sealants
  • Tapes
  • Tools
  • Appliances
  • PTAC and HVAC options
cleaning supplies

Facilities Supplies

We make it easier to take care of the basics.

  • Black trash bags
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Hand sanitizer


Our experts in industrial supplies and equipment can come to your facility for jobsite surveys, product demos, and conduct training. We work with school systems and universities across the U.S. Let us help you reduce costs, save time, and focus on what matters: education.

Compressed air
for medical training, colleges, and trade schools

If you’re in Ohio, South Carolina, or Michigan, we have compressed air system solutions as well as a wealth of services — audits, analysis, maintenance (including preventive maintenance), emergency compressor repairs, and turnkey installations.

Trusted brands

We have a variety of premier products and brands, offering a wealth of options so your students can thrive and grow.
  • 3m
  • dupont tyvek
  • greentech filters and air purification
  • kimberly clark
  • sas safety

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      Ready for a partner that supports your business and employees? We’re eager to get started!