August 4, 2023

Download the new and improved Integra Adhesives app

Integra Adhesives, a leader in countertop fabrication adhesives, has updated its app so users can easily find and select the right adhesives for a specific project. With color-matching tools, tutorial videos, and product-search features, this version of the app makes it easier to select from Integra’s numerous options. 

What’s new in the app? Here are a few highlights: 

  • Color matching using charts and swatches, including of natural stone, to select the ideal adhesives
  • Adhesive calculator so fabricators can select the right amount of product
  • Product info, including safety sheets
  • Tutorial videos that show clear demonstrations

Leading adhesives and usable applications that handle just-in-time help. It’s why Integra Adhesives, owned by IPS Corporation, is ahead of other countertop seam adhesive companies.

Color match

For most users, the color-matching tool is the most important feature of the Integra Adhesives app. By accessing the color charts, users can browse hundreds of colors with a quick-scroll alphabetical bar. Users can then tap to reveal matches or search for brands and sheets. 

There is also a natural stone gallery that allows you to browse hundreds of stone images and tap the best choice to reveal the ideal color match.

As part of the color-matching tools, Integra has included swatches for every single Integra product. The tool allows users to simply tap a selection and compare it to similar colors. 

Product search

Integra has a collection of products, and finding the right option isn’t always easy. To make the process simple, they have created a product-search feature as part of the app. This feature provides product overviews and descriptions so users can make an informed decision. With specs, resources, and tips for users, this search tool makes finding the right adhesive much easier. 

Now you’ll know when Integra recommends Rapid or XI. Of course, you can also use our comparison chart.

Adhesive calculator and videos

The app also features help for fabricators and installers when it comes to how much of the product is needed. This new version includes a calculator. Fabricators can type in the length and thickness of the seam and include other details, such as the number of laminated edges and mitered edges to receive an estimate of how much material is required. 

Tutorial videos are also included. These videos include product demonstrations that make installing Integra products much easier. It may save you time from going to your favorite groups to ask about a specific issue or challenge.

Download the app

Anyone wanting to download the app can do it from the Google PlayStore (for Google devices) or iTunes (for Apple phones). After looking up “Integra Adhesives” in the search, select “Install.” It may take a couple of minutes. When it’s finished downloading, select “Open”. You’ll see all the features we mentioned above. If you have questions, contact us!

Beyond Integra

Integra Adhesives is an expert in the countertop surface industry. With their wide range of products, they have solutions for just about every countertop need. When countertop professionals find new challenges, we’re there. For example, at Elevated, we’ve heard some of you want knife-grade solutions, polishers, caulk, and more. That’s why we carry a full line of countertop fabrication and installation solutions to creatively solve every issue you have when you’re fabricating or installing.  

Christopher Richmann
Author: Christopher Richmann
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