December 28, 2020

All about Milwaukee Tool

Wisconsin is known for a lot of things – the Packers, “going up North” (for those not in Wisconsin that means vacationing), hockey, fishing, wearing shorts in 40-degree weather, cheese, Summerfest, beer, and farmland.

milwaukee tools

But it’s also known for some of the best tools in the industry: Milwaukee Tool.

History of Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool has been around for a long time … nearly as long as the Ford Motor Company has been in business. There’s a reason – Milwaukee Tool got started in part thanks to Henry Ford.

Tools for Ford to revolutionize manufacturing

According to Den of Tools, the Milwaukee Tool company was founded directly after World War I. Henry Ford – of the Ford Motor Company – had a problem: he needed better quality cars churned out to compete with emerging car manufacturers. To compete, his workforce needed better tools – lighter weight and easier to carry around. In fact, Ford wanted his workers to be able to operate a drill with one hand. Although a one-handed drill seems like no big deal today, it was an issue back in the early 20th century as drills were heavy.

A.H. Peterson, a young engineer, stepped up to the challenge. Peterson created the “Hole Shooter” drill. And the drill did the job; an autoworker could operate it with one hand. Ford used this drill at his factories and light, durable tools emerged on the market.

Peterson added a partner named Albert F. Siebert, and together they began the company. After a fire, Siebert bought all remaining assets and formed the Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation in 1922.

Tools for WWII: building and making

During World War II, manufacturing took off as Americans rushed to help defeat the Axis powers. The Milwaukee Tool company took off, too, helping to power the war effort. Lightweight, easy-to-use tools that lasted even under tough circumstances were exactly what American workers needed to build everything from ships to planes. During the war, when different tradesmen needed different instruments, Milwaukee Tool was there, expanding their product lines.

The quality of the drills, saws, and gear set the standard.

Milwaukee tool history and info

Tools for the jobs of today

Manufacturing, construction, and related jobs have changed since 1922. The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation has changed along with them. The company continues to target professionals with portable tools workers needed for their tough jobs.

What hasn’t changed is that these tools are now also known for longevity. Milwaukee Tool – according to their website – develops heavy-duty professional products with rigorous attention to:

  • Commitment to professional power tool users by incorporating their insight and feedback to fully develop research that produces tools that enhance their productivity.
  • Benchmarking so Milwaukee prototypes offer the “best-in-class” product ranking.
  • Demanding laboratory and in-field user testing to assure product/job match. Milwaukee engineers don’t just design a tool . . . they design a tool to do the job better.

Durability, quality, and ease of use are why so many people love Milwaukee Tool, including Elevated Industrial Solutions (Elevated).

We provide tools, including Milwaukee

Elevated hasn’t been around since the 20s, but one of the industrial supply companies, previously known as Lane Supply Company, has been in business since the 50s. Innovation, quality, and ease of use are big reasons why we decided to sell portable, electric tools and accessories from Milwaukee Tool.

Although Elevated sells to people across the nation, we have a special place in our heart for the Milwaukee area – we have employees and a warehouse in New Berlin, Wisconsin. If you call, you may even notice the Wisconsin accents of our customer support specialists and experts.

If you’re in Wisconsin, you can pick up tools from our Milwaukee-area warehouse. In fact, we have warehouses in the Dayton/Cincinnati, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; Greenville, South Carolina; and Denver, Colorado areas. We also have sales offices in Montanna and California.

Because we’re national, even if you’re outside Wisconsin, Ohio, and Colorado, you can still receive products quickly. Most locations receive items within two days!

Build + make with Elevated and Milwaukee Tool

We’re happy to help you purchase Milwaukee Tool; the only thing we can’t do is help you get service. (See Milwaukee’s site for tool repair.)

Whether you’re in Milwaukee, Miami, or Mercer Island  (or really any place in between), Elevated and Milwaukee Tool are a great combination to get your big jobs done. Let us help you buy the right product.

Tami Matthews
Author: Tami Matthews
Tami Matthews is the Director of Marketing at Elevated Industrial Solutions. She’s spent 20+ years in marketing, focusing on writing, public relations, digital marketing, and content marketing. Before coming to Elevated in December 2020, she worked for a number of high-tech companies. Writing is one of her favorite pastimes. In her spare time, she volunteers for a number of causes including the Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy working on the PTO. She also hikes with her husband and begrudging daughter.
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