October 25, 2022

Compare Integra Adhesives glues

Not all countertop glues are created equal, so don’t just grab the first surface adhesive you see. Matching the correct Integra Adhesives to your construction project will save you time, money, and frustration.

All Integra Adhesives (Integra) products are suitable for kitchen remodels, installations, and other countertop fabrication.

Use these glues indoors on solid surfaces, quartz, natural stone, and ceramic countertops, to seal countertop seams and mitered edges. Some glues are best for outdoor applications. Some are better in colder weather. And some are better on some surfaces.

No matter the adhesive though, they all have low VOCs and are environmentally safe with GREENGUARD certification.

Each Integra product offers unique properties that take you beyond simple countertop installation. Here are some of the highlights:

Surface Bonder XI

Surface Bonder XI comes in more than 200 premixed colors and has a variety of custom colors to get that perfect match. Use it indoors on mitered edges, decks, and even vertical surfaces. Use this component bonder on solid surfaces, quartz, natural stone, and ceramics. You can also use Surface Bonder XI on damp stone without having to wait for the slab to completely dry out before applying adhesive.  

Surface Bonder Ultra — versatile

Indoors, outdoors — Surface Bonder Ultra has you covered as it’s versatile. UV and weather stable, use Surface Bonder Ultra instead of silicone on quartz, natural stone, ceramics, marble, porcelain, and even polished, honed, and textured surfaces. Its qualities on marble and porcelain are the most impressive — refusing to yellow.

Surface Bonder Rapid — for fast

Surface Bonder Rapid has the consistency of Zero combined with a quick curing time. It’s essential for sealing those 24” deck seams. It’s also a product some fabricators prefer during cold months due to drying and fix times. One of the newest of the Integra line, it’s already become a great option. 

Surface Bonder Zero — no drips

This knife-grade adhesive is perfect for drop miters and waterfall counters. The Surface Bonder Zero glue doesn’t bleed into porous natural stones such as marble and quartzite. And it’s a no-drip formula, making it easier to handle on natural and engineered stone.

See the Integra Comparison Chart

For more information, or to see at-a-glance information about which Integra glue you should use, access this comparison chart.

Elevated Industrial Solutions is tops in countertops

Elevated, formerly Lane Supply Company, is a preferred vendor for Integra Adhesives. Why? We have expertise in countertops, backed by 60+ years in the industry. We have thousands of tubes in our nationwide warehouses and more than 100 colors in stock. Because we have locations across the U.S., shipping to most locations is just two days. And some shipping is even free. (Call for details about that free shipping.) We’ll even break a case!

Tami Matthews
Author: Tami Matthews
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