September 15, 2023

Why 3M Green Masking Tape rocks

Created for advanced UV resistance and a firm hold for up to two weeks, 3M Green Masking Tape is quickly becoming a customer favorite.

Why is it so popular? It has the advanced features that painting, finishing, and construction professionals love …. It’s versatile and it’s affordable (more affordable than the “blue” painter’s tape). It’s why we’re recommending this tape over others.

What makes this tape so effective? 

Easy to tear and hold

The carrier material for 3M Green Masking Tape is crepe paper. This durable yet easy-to-use paper allows for swift tearing. No knives or special equipment are needed, making the work process simpler. The crepe paper also assists in unwinding, with a controlled unwinding process that prevents slivering. 

UV resistant 

3m green masking tape

One of the top features of this tape is the UV resistance. This tape has been specifically engineered for use in areas where sun exposure is expected. This may include outdoor paint masking, holding outdoor signs, and protecting a variety of items during painting and construction. 

Removes cleanly

This product uses a rubber-based adhesive that provides clean, hassle-free removal while still holding strong whenever required. The tape removes cleanly from almost all surfaces and leaves no edge residue. That strength with easy removal is ideal for surface protection and painting.  

For painters, it peels cleanly, leaving sharp, crisp lines. Not only does it remove cleanly, it does so after 14 days, enabling you to get the highest level of performance from the tape. 

Built for a variety of materials

This tape has the right features and characteristics to be used in a wide variety of substrates, including wood and metal.


3M Green Masking Tape costs less than blue painter’s tape as well as many other masking tapes. It’s especially a bargain because it has many different uses, including working on multiple substrates. So far, construction staff have loved this tape.

Available in seven different widths

Different users have different needs, so 3M has created this tape in a variety of widths. This versatility is an added benefit to using the product. 3M Green Masking Tape is currently available in these widths: 

  • 12 mm
  • 18 mm
  • 24 mm
  • 36 mm
  • 48 mm
  • 72 mm
  • 96 mm


There are many uses for 3M Green Masking Tape. Flooring and construction professionals use it for surface protection (such as recycled, corrugated cardboard) without worrying about residue left behind by other masking tapes. The hold is secure, too.

Painters and contractors who coat and finish items can use it as a cheaper alternative to painting tape, especially if they’re painting outdoors. No bleeding!

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Christopher Richmann
Author: Christopher Richmann
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