May 22, 2023

OSI installation guide

OSI is one of the most trusted brands in construction! The company has a variety of materials (sealants, tapes, and foams) it produces that make it easier for anyone who builds, including prefab or offsite construction. Some of OSI‘s best products are used during the installation, repair, or replacement of windows and doors. 

Not only is OSI known for its products, but the company is also known for the training it offers on its products. Training is useful for providing additional protections, such as their limited warranty, giving a specific guarantee for 15 years on work completed. OSI also provides clear documentation. The OSI Installation Guide, which can be downloaded from their website, has information to help you install windows and doors. 

It’s rare that companies give this level of detail for constructing anything, which helps sets OSI apart from its competitors. For that reason, Elevated wanted to give a high-level overview of what you can expect from the installation guide. 

Why are installation guides important?

Even professionals sometimes run into sticky situations where they need assistance. It can refresh your memory, help train newer or less experienced employees, and answer detailed questions you may not know off the top of your head. For example, in the OSI guide, you’ll get information about what temperature products need to be stored.

What’s in the installation guide?

Obviously, Elevated can’t cover everything, but we can give an overview of the highlights — information you may need to know.

Product review

After introductions and basic information, the guide gives a detailed review of available products. This includes information on their flashing tapes, liquid flashing, foams, and more. Reading this information can help your team understand which products to use for which jobs.

Product storage info

Understand how to store materials to ensure these foams and sealants get the job done and are under warranty.

The OSI Installation Guide describes how to properly store these materials, which is critical for their use. For example, it explains that the OSI Quad Max should be stored at room temperature for at least 24 hours before installation to ensure the best performance. Also, the OSI Quad Foam must be stored vertically and should not be kept in direct sunlight.

Surface preparation

Before installing the windows or doors, ensure you’re using a clean surface, free of debris or dust. The guide also provides details about removing ice and snow before door and window installation to prepare the surfaces. And when you use this installation guide, you’ll the procedures for installing with non-porous substrates and porous substrates.  

The “five critical flashing objectives”

Flashing is where some construction contractors have trouble, especially when it comes to sealing the window. That’s why OSI lists the five critical flashing objectives, which help ensure a complete seal. The five objectives are: 

  1. Protect rough opening: The guide discusses two applications used to protect the rough opening. These include exterior/interior sealant applications and flashing membrane applications. 
  2. Drain at the sill: Proper drainage is critical for avoiding water damage. Points addressed in this section include the gap between interior and exterior sealant, as well as the foam sealant and backer rods that are applied between the window frame and flashed rough sill. 
  3. Drain at the head: This section describes the order of various components that are used to create a head seal. These components go from flashing tape to seal the rough opening to water-resistant barrier tape, which is applied at the top of the window. 
  4. Interior perimeter seal: This seal is not exposed to rough elements and weather conditions like the exterior seals, but it still plays a critical role. The function of this seal is, essentially, to support the functionality of weatherproofing. 
  5. Exterior perimeter seal: Finally, there is a discussion on the exterior seal, which must provide a barrier for water, moisture, and temperature. 


The guide also gives a description of various installation procedures. In this section, you can find step-by-step measures for sill flashing, rigid-head flashing, interior perimeter seals, and more. 

For example, there is a description of the installation process for the standard “A1” self-adhered sill flashing tape. This section starts with cutting the seal into an hourglass shape for the corners and taping along the bottom edge. 

Don’t want to wade through lengthy details? You can search for their specific applications and access the information required for a specific project.  

Appendix – a glossary of terms

Finally, the appendix helps professionals understand the various terms used throughout the guide. 

The appendix includes numerous terms, such as “air barrier,” which is multiple materials joined together to provide a barrier and restrict or prevent the passage of air. Terms like “back dam,” “house wrap,” “mounting flange,” and “weather resistive barrier system” are included in the appendix. 

This is a useful section that can be consulted whenever you come across an unfamiliar term. 

Elevated can help, too

OSI’s installation guide is helpful with procedures, a glossary, and more. Elevated Industrial Solutions can help, too. Our people are trained by OSI on how to use products. And we know when to bring them in to help you guarantee your work or if you need a different product. With Elevated, you’ll have access to a wide variety of adhesives, tapes, and sealants, including top-quality products from OSI as well as other leading brands.

Our team understands the needs of industry professionals and can provide the service and dedication you deserve!

Christopher Richmann
Author: Christopher Richmann
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