October 16, 2023

SATA has your spray gun solution

German manufacturer SATA is one of the most trusted names in the surface-coating and finishing industry. While SATA provides many products and accessories, it’s best known for its large selection of spray guns, which include innovative products that meet a variety of industrial needs and budgets. 

Manufacturers and painting facilities can turn to SATA for a variety of spray guns: gravity-flow cup guns, pressure-fed guns, siphon-fed guns, and airbrush guns for detailed, high-precision work.

This is a company that understands liquid coating and finishing and has designed products that are innovative, ergonomic, and effective. They focus on high-precision technology! 

Best known for spray guns, they also have a variety of tools and accessories for the surface coating process. Manufacturers can enjoy the same level of engineering from SATA air-breathing products, filter technology, and device cleaners. 

SATA products

Here are just a few of the products you can count on Elevated to carry and provide.

  • Spray guns
  • Cup systems
  • Breathing protection
  • Filter technology
  • Color determination
  • Cleaning devices
  • Drying equipment

SATA products are used in numerous industries, such as automotive (refinishing and collision work), woodworking, general contractor and construction, general manufacturing, and maritime vessels (such as yachts).

Why SATA spray guns and equipment? 

Why should you join the list of numerous SATA customers from around the globe? To be fair, there are many spray gun brands on the market, but few match the high-quality engineering, long product life, and reliable service delivered by SATA. 

First and foremost, SATA focuses on high-quality products. It may be a cliché to indicate German engineering has advantages, such as precision and quality. But there is some truth to that, especially when it comes to SATA. The tools are engineered using the most advanced materials and techniques to create reliable surface-coating equipment. 

The tools are ergonomic and easy for people to use and operate. It creates less strain than other brands and thus can even improve productivity. These tools are even easy to clean and maintain.

SATA is known for its high transfer efficiency, reducing waste while saving money on paint or stain. Again, this increases productivity, saving the user from spraying longer and many times over. Transfer efficiency also increases the likelihood of a consistent coat or finish.

These tools have a reputation for durability. While each tool is used differently and can last longer (or shorter) depending on many factors, SATA products often have a longer life than other spray guns. SATA even offers a warranty, which comes free of charge and lasts for three years. This warranty is available for their spray guns, filters, and air-breathing protection systems. 

These reasons make SATA spray guns a popular choice. 

Get coating help from an industrial solutions specialist

At Elevated, we’re experts at finding the right products for each specific company. We understand your exact needs and can provide the perfect parts, tools, and equipment for your unique situation. We carry a variety of brands, including Wagner and C.A. Technologies. And we tailor our solutions based on your needs and goals.

Contact our team to get liquid or powder coating recommendations today.

Christopher Richmann
Author: Christopher Richmann
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