November 4, 2022

DAP sealants and caulks

At Elevated Industrial Solutions, we take pride in supplying businesses, contractors, countertop fabricators, installers, remodelers, and builders with top-of-the-line products. We carry brands that experienced professionals rely on for a variety of jobs. And we’re proud that we have premier suppliers that can get items on time and on budget. 

DAP Inc. is one of the most trusted companies for countertop fabrication and installation. This company, which has been “on the job since 1865,” is known for creating reliable adhesives, caulks, sealants, insulating foams, spackling, and more.

Why DAP products?

When it comes to industrial products, a company’s reputation is critical. People who purchase caulks, sealants, and adhesives don’t buy them just once: they find something that meets their high demands and “stick” with it.

DAP has a reputation for quality, serving installation professionals and fabrication experts since 1865. No company can survive that long, let alone maintain its industry reputation, without creating reliable, effective products. Their caulking and sealants are trusted by professionals who order DAP products regularly for countertops, backsplashes, tile installations, and more.

But this innovative company is not just trusted for countertop fabrication and installation; they are also relied on by professionals who work with windows and doors, siding, subfloors, drywall, and more. DAP has created numerous first-to-market products, and they have the first full line of sealants and adhesives made to meet the specs of virtually every industry or fabrication niche.

Apex Plus


Although we like to say we’re product agnostic, offering customers good, better, and best options within their timelines and budgets, we do have products we love. One of the most popular products from DAP — and a perfect example of their world-class sealants — is Apex Plus. This caulk is an all-purpose acrylic latex with silicone that, once applied, can be painted over in just 30 minutes. It can be used as a multi-surface adhesive for a variety of materials, including stone, is mold- and mildew-resistant, and comes with an industry-leading 40-year warranty! It’s even easy to clean up. And it’s low odor. That’s what makes Alex Plus ideal for any kitchen contractor, builder, remodeler, or installer. It’s perfect for backsplashes!

We currently offer DAP Apex Plus in 12-tube packages. With roughly 2,000 tubes in warehouses scattered across the country, we can typically ship your order within two business days. We carry two colors – clear and white. Plus, we have pre-paid freight options for 50 cases.

Dynaflex 800

dap dynaflex

Want to get a sealant that gives OSI’s Quad Max a run for its money? DAP’s Dynaflex 800. Why? It’s 100% waterproof and weatherproof. You only need to wait one hour to paint it. Plus, it can handle extreme temperatures, from 0 degrees to 120 Fahrenheit. That type of range works well for the Midwest. Best of all, it has UV resistance and is shrink and crack-proof.

Like OSI Quad Max, it comes in pallets and various sizes. This sealant also is priced competitively against OSI Quad Max.

Contact us for construction needs

Our team of industrial supply experts is dedicated to serving your needs. We’re not just your product supplier; we are committed to being your partner, supporting your business and employees through creative solutions that improve your quality, reduce cost, and save time. With our five-star service, consistent delivery, and a fully-stocked inventory in warehouses across the country, we have everything you need to succeed.

In addition to world-class DAP caulks and adhesives, we also have state-of-the-art tools from companies like Alpha, the makers of durable and effective polishers for countertop manufacturing as well as Integra Adhesives from IPS. See all things construction!

Christopher Richmann
Author: Christopher Richmann
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