March 28, 2022

Custom tool heads

Each fastening application is different, which is why a variety of tool heads have been created to fit various purposes and uses. With an expert team like Elevated Industrial Solutions, you’ll be able to solve the complex challenges that come from an assembly operation by utilizing the right tool heads for every single task.

Custom tool heads for all phases of the assembly process

Working with our staff, you can add precise tools to your daily operations. These tools are designed for a specific application, all while delivering the required torque in the allowable space. As you know, precision machining is critical, which is why you need custom tool heads from an expert team.

Our professionals can recommend and provide tools that include: 

  • Offset spring spindle
  • Inline spring spindle
  • Spindle extensions
  • Flush sockets
  • Hose clamp tool
  • Inline nutrunner
  • Inline tube-nut wrench
  • Inline 15-degree bent nutrunner
  • Inline 30-degree bent nutrunner
  • Offset nutrunner
  • Offset tube-nut

With these tool heads, you’ll have the exact solutions for your specific needs. They meet standards for a variety of applications and can deliver the superior results you deserve.

Everything you need for advanced assembly solutions

Elevated is your partner for assembly solutions. You can work with our team for electric nutrunners, cordless assembly tools, and pneumatic assembly solutions that can meet the rigors of high-volume assembly production. You can work with our team for efficient solutions for operations that include safety-critical, quality-critical, and functional assembly. 

Working with our expert team, you’ll have access to leading brands, including Stanley Tools, which provides corded and cordless assembly tools. These tools can be programmed and tailored to your specific needs, creating outstanding efficiencies for all of your unique operations. We also provide Stanley controllers that are available in many different levels of use, ranging from simple and basic to complex and sophisticated. They can communicate with other systems through an ethernet cable and provide error-proofing that ensures all fasteners are installed properly.

We also have productivity solutions, including self-locking tool holders that provide a quick change of position, going from horizontal to vertical in less time.

You can work with a team that will understand your needs. We align all of our recommendations and tool installations with your production and manufacturing goals, making your business more efficient while helping create the world-class products your customers expect. 

Contact Elevated Industrial Solutions today for more information about top-of-the-line tool heads for a variety of needs. Our experts understand your unique requirements and create a plan that perfectly fits your operations!

Christopher Richmann
Author: Christopher Richmann
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