February 28, 2022

Assembly tool positioning system

If you are involved in assembly operations of any kind, you need the right industrial supplies. Plus, you need machines that can meet your unique, highly-specified needs, and can deliver effective results without harming efficiency and profitability. 

The assembly tool positioning system from Elevated Industrial Solutions can deliver fast, effective torquing and assembly, making your operation more efficient and more productive. 

Advantages of the assembly tool positioning system

The assembly tool positioning system is custom-built by our professional technicians, creating an operating framework that is perfectly tailored to your specific needs. The setup is completely customizable and can be modified to work with virtually all tools, bits, cables, controllers, and bit trays. 

Using the controller, operators can set up the assembly tool for multiple torques. The system is designed to deliver a full range of motion, allowing users to complete various jobs. It can also be programmed with a home position, which communicates to the programmable controller to start the line. This feature allows the tool to move off the line once the job is complete, and it can indicate to the master-controller unit that the line is ready to proceed.

The laser-positioning system is designed to eliminate missed torques. It also reduces the chances of torquing the same item multiple times, which creates significant inefficiencies in your operation. Once the system is programmed, the tool can only operate when it has been properly aligned and positioned. It also ensures that the operation only occurs in the correct sequence.

The tool positioning system has a color-coded light system to communicate proper torques to operators. If the item has not been properly torqued, a green light will appear on the control arm. However, if the unit has been improperly torqued, a red light will appear. This allows operators to quickly move from one task to another without second-guessing proper torque. After the sequence has been completed, the controller resets and waits for the next task.

When torquing, operators can rely on a blue light, which indicates proper positioning. When in the right position, a blue light will appear on the tool, indicating that it is ready for torquing.  

Find the right tools for your assembly operations

If you are ready to enhance efficiencies with customizable assembly tools, work with the experts at Elevated Industrial Solutions today. You’ll find all the industrial supplies you need for a better operation.

Contact us today and let our experts will provide the solutions you need for better efficiency and reduced costs.

Christopher Richmann
Author: Christopher Richmann
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