October 12, 2022

Using a manometer in a spray booth

The manometer in your spray booth needs to be installed and calibrated properly. To achieve the best results, follow these simple steps for installing, calibrating, and using a manometer.

What is a manometer? (And why is it important?) 

A manometer is a gauge that tells paint-booth operators when a filter needs to be changed. Essentially, it measures the pressure at two points: before the filters and after the filters. The difference between the front and back of a filter tells operators when it needs to be changed. If there’s a significant difference, the filters are ready for replacement. 

As buildup occurs inside a paint booth, the pressure difference between the pre and post-filter locations will vary. Pressure will increase, and the performance of a paint booth will suffer. Not only is performance hurt, but filters that aren’t changed (and need to be) could be considered a safety hazard.

Install and calibrate in 10 easy steps

Installing a manometer is simple. By following these steps, you can easily add a new manometer to your paint booth: 

  1. Temporarily mount the new manometer on an outside booth panel, preferably near the frame of the exhaust filter.
  2. Find the high and low-panel penetrations and install the bulkhead fittings. This should be near eye level and approximately 9 to 12 inches on either side of the exhaust filter.
    Tip: While not a requirement, it’s best to have the same length of tubing from the high and low fittings. The high-pressure manometer port (before the filters) should, in most cases, be on the left, while the low-pressure port (after the filters) should be on the right. 
  3. Remove the manometer from the panel and level upright on a table.
  4. Turn the zero-set knob counterclockwise until it stops. 
  5. Turn in three full clockwise rotations. Zero should now be roughly in the middle. 
  6. Remove the fill plug and fill the gauge with fluid (usually red). Fill until it reaches zero on the scale. (You can make minor adjustments after remounting.) 
  7. Place the fill plug back on the manometer. 
  8. Verify there’s enough fluid by turning the knob counterclockwise in a complete rotation so fluid can travel past the 0.5 reading. If the gauge is overfull, you can use a pipe cleaner or straw to wick out the extra fluid. 
  9. Turn the knob counterclockwise, so it again rests at zero. 
  10. Mount and level the manometer. 

Now, your paint booth should be ready for ideal performance!

Maintain your manometer

Maintenance of a manometer ensures it continues to work correctly while giving you important information about filters. 

When new filters are in place, you can start the system. At this point, you should mark the starting pressure difference by placing a green arrow where the gauge currently rests to act as your benchmark pressure reading. Add a red arrow to show when the pressure difference is too much.

Depending on your location (different locations have different air-quality laws), you may need to place the red arrow at .25 inches or .5 inches. 

Get the right manometers, spray booths, and filters

Elevated Industrial Solutions can help ensure you get the right manometer, spray booth, and filters. We can also help you install one.

Our industry experts can review your coating and finishing system, getting you exactly what you need to maintain paint consistency and save money on paint. Plus, we have access to industrial supplies and safety equipment to protect your workforce. Nationwide, we’re easy to partner with.

Eddie Kolinske
Author: Eddie Kolinske
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