February 1, 2022

Spotlighting our industrial solutions specialist

This week Elevated Industrial Solutions, formerly Lane Supply Company, is spotlighting one of our Industrial Solutions Specialists: Allison Westlake!

Allison Westlake

Before joining us, Allison excelled at serving customers in the luxury industry. It was that customer focus that interested Lane in Allison! And it shows – she started at the company less than a year ago and quickly transitioned to an industrial solutions specialist. She’s a superstar in her new role!

Allison works with a variety of customers in the countertop fabrication, manufacturing, signage, aviation, and aerospace industries. Not only does Allison provide great customer service, but she partners with customers to thoroughly understand their needs. She and Lane are all about making your company and workforce more efficient and effective. Don’t be surprised if Allison saves you time, reduces cost, and helps improve the quality of your product.

In her free time, Allison stays busy with skiing, participating in book clubs, enjoying cooking clubs, volunteering at a horse rescue, and training for another marathon!

If you’re interested in industrial supplies and equipment from Allison or us, call 800.251.7067.

Anna Ottino
Author: Anna Ottino
Anna Ottino is one of our Industrial Solution Specialists. Anna has 10 years of customer service and sales experience in a variety of industries. Plus, she has another four years of marketing experience, including being the social media manager at F45 Training. Anna brings to us a positive attitude, cheerful voice to talk with, a desire to help the customers, and an energy to overcome obstacles. In her free time, Anna enjoys being outdoors as much as possible – snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, attending concerts, enjoying nature and hanging out with her pup Iggy.
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