April 6, 2023

OSI Quad Max stacks up against the competition

Elevated Industrial Solutions is proud to carry top suppliers, including OSI, as well as premier products, such as Quad Max. OSI has something to offer a variety of industries, including home construction, remodeling, window and door installation, and even modular or prefabricated building.

OSI stands out as a top supplier because they provide certification to ensure workers know how to use their products correctly and safely. They also partner with Elevated and our customers, recommending products and techniques.

Their ability to be a partner as well as provide innovative and trusted products makes OSI one of our favorites. Among their superior products, Quad Max stands out.

What is Quad Max?

osi quad max sealant

Quad Max is a high-quality silane-modified polymer sealant that’s used on various surfaces: wood, metal, brick, concrete, and vinyl. It works for siding, windows, doors, and even roofing. The sealant can be found at just about any construction site.


Quad Max has the following features:

  • 200+ colors that match more than 9,200 finishes
  • Clear option available that’s non-cloudy and remains transparent, resisting yellowing
  • Can be applied in temperature range of 0º F – 140ºF
  • Will not shrink as it cures
  • Resists damage from UV exposure
  • Does not collect dust and dirt
  • Fast 24-hour cure and paintable in 1 hour
  • Resistant to bubbling
  • GreenGuard® certified


We see a lot of sealants, but Quad Max is one of the best. Here are a few reasons why we think it’s so popular among construction professionals.

Adheres to just about anything

Quad Max has superior adhesion compared to other sealants. As noted above, this sealant adheres to a wide range of surfaces, including wood, metal, brick, concrete, and vinyl. It creates a long-lasting seal, too, that’s resistant to weathering and UV rays. It’s also waterproof, which is important everywhere, especially the Pacific Northwest where it rains nearly eight months of the year.


window and door installation

This sealant can withstand expansion and contraction caused by big temperature shifts as the Midwest often sees. This durability helps to prevent cracking and splitting, which can compromise the effectiveness of the sealant. It has five times the stretch and ± 50% joint movement, meeting performance requirements ASTM C 920: Type S, Grade NS, Class 50.

Despite being flexible, it doesn’t sag. That prevents dust, air, water, and contaminants from getting in through a gap.

And the fact that you can even apply the sealant in temperatures that range from 0º F – 140º F is great for construction across the U.S. year-round. The sealant can be applied during a cold winter Colorado day or in the middle of Houston’s summer.

Easy to use

OSI does have product training, protecting construction companies from liability that could happen after the home or building is completed and sold. But luckily, Quad Max is easy to apply thanks to its smooth consistency and workability. The caulking gun requires minimal preparation, making it a great choice for professionals. There are even different types of guns, including a larger one that enables faster application times for bigger jobs where more sealant is needed.


There’s versatility in how prevalent it is for various industries. Many industries use Quad Max as their sealant of choice, including windows, doors, siding, trim, and roofing businesses.

There’s also versatility in the colors of the product itself. It comes in a variety of colors, including clear, that match modern windows and doors. The clear sealant resists yellowing with UV exposure – great for places like Arizona. Plus, it comes in various sizes with product discounts for cases.

Even when moisture is present, the sealant can be applied as it has proven wet-surface application. Again, that’s good news for the Pacific Northwest; otherwise, construction would come to a halt for much of the year.

It also has a fast 24-hour cure that’s paintable within 1 hour. The relatively quick cure helps make your workers more productive to speed up production time while keeping your projects moving.

Elevated can help your construction-related business

Ready to see how OSI Quad Max can help your business? We can show you how easy it is to use on windows, doors, siding, and more. We can provide a range of color options available and make recommendations based on what you’re trying to match.

Elevated isn’t limited to Quad Max, we carry OSI’s Quad Foam, Quad Fire Block Foam, and Construction Adhesives (SF450, SF450+, F38, RT600, and QB300). And we go beyond OSI. Although we think the company has great products, those industrial supplies may not be right for you or your job. It’s why we carry a range of other products from suppliers known by the construction industry.

Tami Matthews
Author: Tami Matthews
Tami Matthews is the Director of Marketing at Elevated Industrial Solutions. She’s spent 20+ years in marketing, focusing on writing, public relations, digital marketing, and content marketing. Before coming to Elevated in December 2020, she worked for a number of high-tech companies. Writing is one of her favorite pastimes. In her spare time, she volunteers for a number of causes including the Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy working on the PTO. She also hikes with her husband and begrudging daughter.
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