May 9, 2023

Odor control in the cannabis industry

When it comes to harvesting cannabis and manufacturing cannabis-based products, states have different tolerances for the smell that — pun intended — crops up. Some states have stringent laws to attempt to control the odor for people who work at these facilities as well as neighbors nearby. In Massachusetts, for example, the town of Holyoke has raised a stink.

Luckily, there’s a product on the market that removes that odor in a way that’s different from the competition. It doesn’t mask the odor, it eliminates it: Greentech Environmental filters. And Elevated is proud to carry these filters from Greentech.

Greentech has “the receipts” as it were to verify it removes the odor. They have scientific data from third parties, as well as are working on more research, to prove just that.

Read on from Brandon Taylor, CEO of Greentech and MMJDaily allowing us to carry this article.

“[Greentech has] the only filter on the market that is treated with ODOGard, a patented technology. The technology destroys odors at the molecular level by creating a covalent bond with the odor molecule, changing its structure and making it inert to where it smells like nothing,” explains Brandon Taylor, CEO at Greentech Environmental. According to Brandon, cannabis has been an emerging opportunity for the company and its products. “As more and more legal grow operations have emerged, some are located in places where we all live and work. The odor protruding from the grow facility can cause major issues in some areas. Cannabis companies need to be able to coexist with their neighbors. Therefore, better odor control is necessary.”

How does odor-free cannabis work?

Of course, there are several methods of odor reduction already available. “The most common method is using a carbon filter. Yet, these are not very effective, need to be changed regularly, and are expensive. When using a type of air freshener instead, it’s just a cover-up process that wears off over time.” Brandon explains that the ODOGard technology provides a unique difference. “It bonds with the molecule, changing the molecular structure, so that the odor simply does not exist anymore.” The technology is already being used for odor-free diapers and trash bags.

“Moreover, the quality of the filter itself is really important. Our filters use nanofiber technology,” Brandon explains. “Nanofibers are much smaller in diameter than regular filter material, so they create more surface area to catch particulates and odors. More surface area means more ODOGard to neutralize odors.”

“We did an independent third-party test, the results of which showed that our MERV 11 filters with ODOGard stop odors and the VOCs better than any filters currently on the market,” Brandon says. In addition to filters, Greentech offers a full line of air purification products to mitigate mold, mildew, and other pathogens. “Test results showed that when combining our technologies, it removes 99% more airborne terpenes and 140% more VOCs than when using carbon filters.” The fiber material of the filters also allows cultivators to reduce system pressure drop to save energy and money over time.

Adapting to growers’ needs

Greentech is focused on introducing new technologies that create solutions for customers. “That is how our filters were developed. A customer had an odor need and asked us to create a solution. We had the technology, know-how, and R&D to develop the filters. We believe we are in a paradigm shift in terms of odor control with this innovation. With our entire line of air purification products, we are helping cannabis growers protect their crops and investment,” Brandon adds.

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