February 6, 2020

Monthly air compressor maintenance

Maximize compressor efficiency and lifespan by performing monthly preventive maintenance checks. Or hire a certified service technician to handle your compressed air system to ensure you’re getting expert support.

Follow these 6 monthly steps to ensure your Kaeser compressed air system is running efficiently and properly.

1) Check belt tension

To make sure that your air compressor will function properly, check that the tension of the belt drives is optimal to avoid slipping and premature wear of the drive belts and pulleys.

2) Check the cooling oil level

Most air compressors require a certain amount of oil circulating throughout their system. If this amount is not enough, the internal temperature will rise, which will ultimately lead to the compressor overheating and shutting down. If the problem is not solved promptly, it will result in premature wear.

3) Cooler: check the filter mat

The filter mat helps to keep the cooler clean. If the filter mats are clogged, inadequate cooling of the components could result

4) Control cabinet: check the filter mat

A filter mat is placed behind every ventilation grille. Filter mats protect the control cabinet from the ingress of dirt. If the filter mats are clogged, clean or replace the filter mats.

5) Check the condensate drain

Condensation is an inevitable result of air compression. If the condensed liquid is not adequately drained off at all collection points, it will cause corrosion that will damage the compressed air system.

6) Log all maintenance tasks completed

Documenting all the maintenance work will determine if there is any deviation from the OEM’s recommendation. Remember: That only qualified and authorized personnel should be allowed to perform any maintenance task.

Elevated can help with preventive maintenance

Some compressors come from Elevated with a warranty, guaranteeing we’ll service your compressor. For others, you’ll need to ensure you get on a maintenance schedule. Luckily, Elevated makes it easy. When we sell you a compressor, we provide a maintenance schedule based on the make and model as well as the environment and runtime expected or experienced on your compressor. Plus, our team is certified.

Tami Matthews
Author: Tami Matthews
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