November 16, 2020

Meet our service and installation department: Dennis Crane

Elevated Industrial Solutions, formerly Compressed Air Technologies (CAT), has a team filled with experienced individuals providing years of compressed air service and audits to places around the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana areas. (We also have a service and installation team in South Carolina, formerly Palmetto Compressors.)

One of our most accomplished technicians is Dennis Crane.

Dennis is an installation manager. He’s been helping lead the business for about six years. When he’s not being the right-hand man for the General Manager, he’s fixing air compressors, blowers, pumps, and dryers. He also works with technicians to solve customer issues.

dennis crane - service manager at compressed air technologies

Before joining us, he graduated from RETS Tech HVAC training center in 1990. After graduation, he worked in the HVAC/Maintenance field for 16 years. Dennis started at Ingersoll-Rand as a technician in 2005, leaving as a senior technician in 2016. Overall, he’s been ensuring air is flowing in plants around the Tri-state area for more than 25 years! We’re thrilled to have such an experienced technician and leader.

Because of his background, Dennis has worked on just about every air compressor there is and has seen it all.

His laid-back style, easy-going sense of humor, and no-nonsense approach to ensuring superior air quality make him a favorite around the office as well as on job sites.

When he’s not working, he’s spending time with his wife, Billi Jean Crane, and their two children – Dennis Cole Crane, who’s in the Army National Guard, and Jennifer Crane, who’s been accepted to a master’s program for social work this fall. Dennis is also out riding his motorcycle, fishing, hunting with his family, and golfing.

Our service and installation

Dennis Crane is knowledgeable, but so is everyone at Elevated. He and all the service technicians have experience with just about every brand of air compressor there is. Let us help your plant get the service it deserves.

Tami Matthews
Author: Tami Matthews
Tami Matthews is the Director of Marketing. She’s spent 20+ years in marketing, focusing on digital and content marketing. Before coming to Elevated, formerly Lane Supply Company, in December 2020, she worked for a number of high-tech companies and a financial services company. Writing is one of her favorite things to do (see her Star Trek blog work). In her spare time, she volunteers for the Denver Muncipal Band and the KCAA PTO as well as hikes with her husband and begrudging daughter.
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