May 20, 2022

Kitchen trends for 2022 – countertops, cabinets, flooring, and more

Two big influences for kitchen trends in 2022 are resourcefulness and uniqueness. Because of COVID, people have spent more time at home over the past few years. Because people are staying home, design trends have become more individualistic, especially in the kitchen, according to expert designers. Paired with supply chain issues and increased costs for materials, a popular renovation strategy has been to work with what you have. It’s a trend that will carry into 2022 – using upcycled items, dark and light two-tone wood patterns, single open shelves, and natural elements.

Another big trend is quality. For countertops, woodworking, cabinetry, flooring, construction, you name it. The global pandemic exposed deeper thinking on how people view and use their homes. Many people still work from home and see their spaces differently than before. Kitchen design experts have noticed that people are willing to invest in higher quality materials that will last, rather than buying items that need to be replaced sooner. While this is more of a behavioral or buying trend, it is an important one to note.

Since being hit hard by COVID, everyone in the countertop fabrication and manufacturing industry is wondering what 2021 through 2025 has in store and how to prepare. Depending on whether you’re making residential or commercial countertops, you may be facing two different outcomes.

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Quartz countertops

Quartz continues to trend in kitchens for 2022. With the advent of more materials such as quartz, large format tile (LFT), and ultra-compact surface slab manufacturers offering thinner materials, home builders and renovators can meet those demands for things like countertops or even cabinet doors.

Marble countertops

Marble is another material trending for countertops, lending luxurious style.

Heavily-veined marble is making a significant comeback in the design world and has become synonymous with high-end luxury according to expert designers and architects. Marble is also highly sustainable, durable, and has timeless attributes that make it a good investment and good choice for both kitchen countertops and flooring.

Marble with naturally strong veining also add statement value to the room, which aligns with customers’ desire for unique and boldness. It creates a textural contrast between other polished surfaces, metals, and woods.

Metal countertops

According to designers, practical kitchen remodeling ideas are in for 2022. Structural materials fit right into this trend and are being used in greater ways and to a further extent. Not only can materials like steel make a durable and hygienic countertop, but they can also form the base and be a divider too. One piece of material delivering on two or more requirements. With this approach, designers are saving space and making a statement and home remodelers may be saving as well.


There is a trend with wood in the kitchen, specifically in cabinet and flooring design. And if you’re in the custom cabinet or woodworking business, you’re probably already aware.

Designers say to keep an eye on subtle-grained ash, paler than oak or walnut, to pick out the warm tones in manmade stone. Trends are also leaning toward the rich, dark color, fine grain, and natural warmth of walnut, which lends a feeling of instant luxury.

Can both light and dark be trends for woodwork in the kitchen this year? Yes.

Dark and light wood stains

Trend experts have kept dark colors on the radar for 2022. Toward the end of 2021, there was an uptick in demand for darker wood stains. On the flip side, lighter wood stains offer a natural look but without the yellow and gold colors of the natural wood. This stain trend stems from mid-century modern styling, which has become more popular for the past few years.

Floating shelves

The floating shelves enable homeowners to display decorative and functional items in their kitchens. People want to highlight their personal style, while keeping the kitchen functional.

Corner floating shelves are gaining popularity in the kitchen, a space typically reserved for a wall corner cabinet. Trend experts feel that floating shelves in kitchens isn’t slowing down and will continue to grow in popularity for 2022 and beyond.

One open shelf

With so much going on in kitchens already, there’s a trend for reducing visual overload. Those searching for a more moderate, simple look will be thinking about leaving wall space bare.

This can look like a single shelf used in place of wall-hung kitchen cabinets. The result is a relaxed and unfussy look. And takes less material to than full cabinetry, saving on material cost and time. 

Taller wall cabinets

Whereas some may prefer open and airy kitchens, others may go big or go home with upper wall cabinets for 2022. Most homeowners today want tall or stacked upper cabinets that cover the full wall rather than leaving space above their cabinets. Depending on the ceiling height and budget, this can be one tall wall cabinet or stacking two. The popularity of the full-wall cabinets has become a standard kitchen design element for most who are building or remodeling their forever homes.

Natural elements in design

The use and popularity of natural materials has increased considerably during the pandemic. In 2022, the appeal will only strengthen as we look to marble, granite, and unpainted wood kitchen cabinets becoming a firm fixture.

Each of these natural materials have a rich aesthetic quality, while also being sustainable materials. Plus, natural elements such as natural stone, brick, raw wood, bamboo and cork are increasingly being recognized for health benefits, such as reducing the amount of chemically treated items in the home.

Floors, doors, and more

Patterns in wood flooring add pizzazz to hardwood floors. The same can be applied to cabinet doors, too. Mixing light and dark woods to create cool designs is a two-tone trend in 2022. Going back to homeowners’ wishes for sustainable and quality materials, homeowners, home builders, and renovators may have the option to upcycle mix-matched reclaimed wood. These options are sometimes even more affordable.

Wood is not the only material sought out for patterned floors in 2022. Stunning tile designs are on the rise. Whether it is statement backsplashes, fully tiled floors, or a wrap-around backsplash reaching from behind the stovetop to the ceiling and onto the floor, there are many possibilities.

Open-plan kitchen designs

Homeowners are still after the spacious feel of open plan designs and are moving toward large, open-plan kitchens according to expert designers. And in these large open spaces, the kitchen island becomes the essential focal point. Some homeowners are even opting for the double kitchen island, or pair of island units, signifying both functional and kitchen luxurious design.

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