July 24, 2019

Ingersoll Rand production line assembly

Companies that use shut-off torque control tools for assembly face a few challenges. Shut-off torque control tools run until they have reached the desired torque but lack the angle-monitoring capability that indicates when a screw has been stripped. As a result, from having a stripped screw, additional time and work are required to re-drill and re-tighten the unit on the production line. When that situation happens, it means additional labor will cost the company time and money. Why? It’s common to have changes in air pressure within the systems and this causes numerous problems for tools when they do not run at the required PSI and usually shut off before they hit the required torque.

Improved technology has been developed, preventing this very issue. Cordless precision screwdrivers now feature advanced torque control strategies, transducer control, and angle-inspection monitoring. The new features effortlessly eliminate torque problems with an onboard pass/fail indicator providing immediate feedback when an angle failure occurs.

Introducing the QX series

The QX series cordless precision screwdriver from Ingersoll Rand utilizes this smart technology and ensures that the target torque is achieved and if the tool does not contain enough battery power the tool will not cycle which eliminates premature shutoff.

Companies utilizing this technology have reduced rework required by replacing the shut-off torque controls with Ingersoll Rand QX series tools. Due to the time and efficiency savings, the investment generally pays for itself in less than three months.

QX is great for agriculture and equipment manufacturers

ingersoll rand

Agriculture and other equipment manufacturers in the U.S. have had reliability issues resolved by Ingersoll Rand’s QX series cordless precision screwdriver. They were consistently having problems with air tools fastening fuel line hose clamps and when installed improperly can lead to serious functional problems.

The issue was identified as an inconsistent joint within the air tool clutch. Because of the material properties of the hose clamps and other parts in the joint, generating proper clamp load requires the ability to deliver precise torque.

To resolve the issue companies are switching over to QX series precision cordless screwdrivers by Ingersoll Rand. These tools feature a prevailing torque algorithm feature and speed control that allows the fastener to drive through the torque profiles and prevent premature shut off‘s and increase joint consistency.

Because of the switch, companies have been able to eliminate the final clamp load reliability issue on the production line and as a result, agricultural equipment productivity has increased along with product quality and user safety.

Elevated has solutions beyond precision tools

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Tami Matthews
Author: Tami Matthews
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