July 1, 2020

Indoor or outdoor air compressor installation

When considering where to add your compressed air system – inside your plant or outdoors – there are a few things to keep in mind. It’s all based on your environment as well as safety.


Really, it’s all about extremes. Weigh your options based on where you have the most extreme temperatures.

air receiver tank and dryer

Keeping an air compressor installation inside won’t always protect it. For example, if the only place for the compressor is next to the boiler room or close to a refrigerated area, then it’s best to move your air compressor outdoors, especially if your weather is temperate.

Excessive heat can reduce the cooling efficiency of the aftercooler and creates excess condensate for any downstream air treatment components. It may reduce lubricant life, potentially causing equipment to overheat and shut down.

Low temperatures can impede lubricant flow, causing cold starts. Cold starts can result in unnecessary wear and tear on the motor. Low temperatures can also promote excess moisture in control lines and other components. If the temperatures fall too low, the condensate may even freeze.


The air compressor room has contaminants such as dust, lubricant aerosols vented from equipment, and moisture. All of these get into the air compressor and get passed on to the rest of the system, and without proper filtration, to the end process. If your plant process creates additional contaminants, like dust in a cement plant, then you may want to look at an alternative location or plan to clean the area often.

Hazardous areas

In locations like chemical plants, refineries, or drilling platforms, it is common to have areas where there are flammable gases or liquids, combustible dust, or easily ignited fibers. Compressed air systems could cause that ignition.

If you have any of these conditions in your plant, then consider moving your compressed air system outdoors. You’ll have the potential to increase uptime, reduce maintenance costs, and keep energy efficiency high.

Elevated can help you decide and install your compressed air system

There are a lot of things to consider. If you’re having difficulty deciding where to place your compressed air system based on your environment, contact us! We can provide some options as well as give you plans for a turnkey installation.

Tami Matthews
Author: Tami Matthews
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