January 4, 2024

Customer service at Elevated Industrial Solutions

Our number one value at Elevated is customer focus. We pride ourselves on our service, no matter whether you’re ordering compressed air systems, requesting preventive maintenance for your compressed air systems, or needing emergency assembly tool repair work.

Every part of our business strives to put the customer first.

That commitment to customer service is true for our coating and finishing and industrial supplies business, too. Operations manager Lynn Lambro manages the customer support specialists (CSS) team that takes orders for industrial supplies and coating and finishing systems, assists salespeople in getting products to customers, ships various products, receives products from suppliers, and more. Her team, comprised of customer-focused individuals, spans our New Berlin, Wisconsin office and Denver, Colorado.

They’re superheroes.

Our CSS team

wisconsin crew

Our CSS team, known internally as “Team Awesome,” are trained experts who support our clients and customers through a variety of services. And because of the span of duties they have, they have to know a little bit about a lot. Lynn and her team need to know everything from which parts are needed to make a Panther spray gun work to which Integra Adhesive color matches to use for a specific countertop (based on a photo). They have to know when suppliers are shipping needed products as well as which customers have stocking agreements. They’re responsible for order and pricing accuracy as well as customer satisfaction. They have to know who to call in every office from our accounts receivable team members to compressed air service managers.

denver crew

Katie Gardipee, Claire Arguello, Paola Villela, and Scott Crone jump in for everything, including issues, will-call orders (where people show up at our warehouses), and more. Mike Wright, Dylan Schneider, and Aaron Garcia are responsible for everything coming and going in our Wisconsin and Colorado warehouses.

In addition to knowing a wide variety of information, some team members have specialized knowledge. Jadon Sagehorn is the go-to for questions about offsite construction products and orders. Chrissy Obenberger is the group’s most knowledgeable paint equipment team member, handling complicated orders from some of our biggest customers. Sam Stieb is the queen of industrial supplies … and she has the cup to prove it.

At the end of the day, the CSS team’s knowledge is vast.

A blend of sales, support, and service

Lynn and her team are perfectly positioned for their roles. Lynn’s experience in customer service, sales, and management gives her all the necessary skills to thrive as our Operations Manager. Her team is no different. They all juggle a combination of selling (as they take orders from customers, sometimes making recommendations) and service as they handle billing issues and occasionally bad products (that need to be resent to suppliers and replaced).

Lynn’s background includes sales and management roles within the manufacturing industry. She began her career working for Miller Electric in Appleton, Wisconsin, where she worked in sales and sales management. She also served as a manager for Turfco Manufacturing in Blaine, Minnesota, acting as one of the leaders for their lawn care division. Her career has also included working as an Inside Sales Supervisor for MSC Direct, an industrial supply company.

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So when you hear the cheerful voice of someone definitely from the Midwest, it might just be Lynn or our CSS team in Wisconsin. When you hear a male voice, it’s probably Jadon from Denver. If you hear an infectious laugh, it’s likely Claire or Katie. If you see a smiling face in Denver at will-call, it’s probably Paola. But no matter who you get, you can count on outstanding service and great recommendations from Lynn and the rest of the team.

Christopher Richmann
Author: Christopher Richmann
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