July 27, 2022

Case study: creatively partnering with the nation’s leading acrylic company

A Colorado–based acrylics company has been casting, fabricating, and installing large-scale acrylic panels for more than 35 years. The business has been meeting some of the most challenging architectural designs, too. And for 25 of those years, Elevated Industrial Solutions, formerly Lane Supply Company, has been this industry leader’s steadfast partner.

Since 1997, Elevated has been working with the acrylic company, assisting employees in continuously improving processes. After all, it’s the acrylic company’s mission to be an innovation leader. This creativity is how the company is able to produce the highest quality acrylic structures, meeting clients’ demanding requirements. That state of evolution in the way they seal, adhere, and polish acrylic has also been a constant opportunity for Elevated employees to demonstrate their own commitment to customers.


Elevated’s team knew the acrylics business so well that our employees saw several redundancies in panel handling and protective packaging processes. When the team brought it to the acrylic company, they were impressed by how proactive Elevated was. So, the two companies worked together for months, bringing in different solutions providers with the goal of helping improve their processes, enhancing efficiency, and reducing cost.


Success! After thoroughly evaluating improvement opportunities, Elevated consulted with key protective film suppliers to identify a new product that would not only meet the company’s demanding specifications — from internal protection all the way through transit to the install site — but also reduce the time spent on getting the job done.

Because the company implemented Elevated’s recommendations, three inventory line items were eliminated, labor usage was reduced by 50% percent, and protective packaging film used was also reduced by 40%. The acrylic company saved money while improving efficiency and meeting its goal of being innovative.

More importantly, the acrylic company employees gained a partner – people who thoroughly listen to their needs and work creatively to meet important company goals. It’s why the two have been inseperable for more than 20 years.

Abby Wilson
Author: Abby Wilson
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