July 20, 2022

Case study: a sweet partnership

One breakfast company (one of the nation’s largest) manufacturers and co-packagers for retail grocers, food service distributors, schools, and hospitals. Employees are on a mission to bake the finest quality breakfast goods in the U.S. Consistently delivering high-quality and great-tasting products is their obsession.

In 2016, this food company turned to Palmetto Compressors – a Lane Supply Company (Palmetto) for maintenance help. To ensure food-grade freshness, employees wanted to ensure their compressed air system was dependable, operating effectively and efficiently.


It’s a good thing the company turned to Palmetto.

During the on-site visit, the Elevated Industrial Solutions (formerly Palmetto Compressors) team identified multiple opportunities for improvement. The food company’s air compressors were older, and the compressors were housed in a makeshift outdoor environment. Suspecting air efficiency issues, Elevated employees recommended an in-depth Air Demand Analysis (ADA) and reviewed the entire compressed air system.

The team got confirmation that the food company needed to make upgrades. The air compressor technicians recommended a partnership with a local electric provider – Duke Energy – that would save $17,000 dollars in energy rebates. Using that rebate, the food company was able to purchase another compressor for redundancy, ensuring the facility would never stop churning out tasty waffles and pancakes.

Because of the trust developed in that relationship, the food company turned to Elevated again when they needed to relocate … along with all their equipment from a 120,000-square-foot facility to a 500,000-square-foot facility. During the company’s facility transition, Elevated was there from start to finish — assisting with the breakdown, packaging, transportation, installation, and startup of the relocated air compressors. The results? The project (and the compressed air systems) flowed seamlessly.


What began as a simple maintenance request has grown into a true partnership between the two South Carolina-based companies. Today, this same food company makes up nearly $500,000 in revenue for Elevated. More importantly, this company now operates with one of the most energy-efficient compressed air systems in the country. Its state-of-the-art equipment offers food-grade quality, enabling employees to deliver tasty breakfast treats to people nationwide.

Abby Wilson
Author: Abby Wilson
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