April 21, 2022

Air demand analysis – what is it and how can it help?

Air assessments are important for every compressed air system and facility. They should be performed regularly. These standard audits enable you to understand how your compressed air system is operating, prevent issues (such as a shutdown), save on energy costs, and help you protect your investment. In other words, these air assessments are a necessity.

An air demand analysis (ADA) is one of the most valuable tools.

So … what is ADA?

An ADA is an in-depth audit performed by technicians measuring your compressed air systems’ operating ability. Technicians get insight into your compressed air system’s pressure, flow, KW, leak rate, and artificial demand – all impacting operations. To measure your system’s efficiency, they use sensors, transducers, meters, and data logging equipment for up to 14 days.

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The best part is — they collect this data without interrupting your daily plant operations.

After completion, the data and equipment are retrieved, and the data is shared with Kaeser’s engineers. Our technicians then generate reports, discuss the data, and then consult on any changes or upgrades we recommend.

Who needs an ADA?

Any company that has a compressed air system needs an ADA. We work with manufacturing and industrial companies, including food manufacturing. We also work with logistics companies.

When do you need an ADA?

Typically people engage us for an air demand analysis when …

  • Considering adding equipment (such as expanding)
  • Wanting to save energy
  • Ensuring equipment is running efficiently
  • Needing to maximize the compressed air systems they have

If you’re unsure when you’ll need an ADA, contact us. We’d be happy to discuss it, making recommendations on when it may be most beneficial for your company based on goals.

What do you get from an ADA?

There are many benefits. Kaeser indicates an ADA can …

  • Enable your company to achieve operational excellence
  • Eliminate the need to buy a new compressor, saving your company money
  • Improve your environmental footprint, appealing to green customers
  • Qualify your company for a utility rebate
  • Gain efficiency (including reducing energy costs … potentially up to 50%)
  • Reduce leaks and issues to operate your systems more efficiently

It’s not just Kaeser that recommends ADAs. The Department of Energy indicates how much you can gain and save with an ADA through stats about air compressors in the US, highlighting opportunities:

  • Approximately half of all compressed air is wasted — between 25-50% of all compressed air is lost through leaks and 15-25% is wasted through artificial demand and inappropriate uses
  • 70% of compressed air operating costs are from power

That’s a lot of wasted energy and money thrown at inefficient compressed air systems.

It’s easy to get started

Ready to go? Great. Contact us. We’ll schedule a site visit. The day we’re there, we’re out of the way, add the logging equipment. Then we wait to get the reports. After reviewing the reports, we may consult Kaeser. Then we’ll work with you to provide recommendations and discuss the data.

We’ll thoroughly understand your needs and make recommendations based on your company’s goals. For example, if your company is striving to meet ISO standards for operational excellence, we’ll prioritize that and provide ideas. Whatever your needs, we’re a partner to help you meet them.

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At Elevated Industrial Solutions, we have technicians with 60+ years of combined experience. We’ve been serving the tri-state area for 30 years, helping some of the biggest companies in the area if not the U.S.

But we do more than just ADAs. We service all major air compressor brands in a variety of ways and are a distributor of Kaeser air compressors, the gold standard.

Ready to improve your air system? We are, too! Schedule your ADA today.

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